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Golden Rules for a Police and Crime Commissioner
The highlight of last week for me was a visit to see the children of St Nicholas Primary School in Elstree. It started with a walk around the school with Headteacher, Mrs Johnston-Grant, to chat with staff, dinner ladies, Hertsmere Council representatives and others about the crime and policing issues where they live. I was heartened to hear that the perception backed up the reality – that this is a really safe county. I was reminded that teachers are vital social leaders, who reach out into many areas of our lives and our communities. Collective work by them and other local leaders like the police and councils is so important....

Best of all, I got to hold court in assembly. The school’s excellent local PCSO, Claire Morris and I talked to the children about road safety. Using the school’s own ‘Golden Rules’ that the kids all knew, I explained what kind of community I wanted to see in Hertfordshire. With rules like we are kind and helpful, we are honest and we listen to people and show respect, these are rules we could all learn from in policing and elsewhere. They may just have given me some ideas for my first Police and Crime Plan!

Earlier in the week I spent time in St Albans with representatives of the business community, neighbourhood police and Councillor Beric Read who leads on community safety in St Albans. The town has a vibrant retail community and I was struck both by the great support that they get from PC Shaun Woods and his colleagues, as well as by how much the shop-keepers do to help themselves and their customers to stay safe.

At the back end of the week, I convened my first community safety council, a group of all the county and district councillors who lead on community safety, to work out what we can do together. In a couple of hours, huddled round a plate of biscuits in my office, we found far more common cause than difference. I felt a real sense of purpose across this really strong group of colleagues - we will be meeting every month.

In the run up to Christmas I will be sharing my strategy (and my mince pies) with a group of residents in Bishop Stortford. I will also be meeting Hertfordshire’s Superintendents and celebrating the county’s excellent, award-winning offender management team