Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.  
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Getting down to business
 have talked a lot about my Offender-Pays agenda recently. This is about a philosophical shift from the way that things are done now, where we all pay the cost for the choice of the few to engage in criminal behaviour. This is important to me, and seems to have resonated with residents, but it is only one strand of my developing Police and Crime Plan. I will also be focussing on two other big philosophical shifts that I want to see in my first term. 

The first is ensuring that we centre all our effort on the public and maximise the role that active citizens can play. I am calling this section of the plan Public Focus. I want to see the police, partner bodies and the public doing more to ensure that people are kept in the loop and that they are enabled to take an active part in keeping this county safe. Hertfordshire Police performs strongly compared to other forces when it comes to public satisfaction. Could we take our service to the next level by looking to other bodies, like John Lewis, who are leaders in customer care?

This leads me to the other big cultural shift that I want to see – more Business Sense in how we tackle the vital ‘business’ of keeping Hertfordshire safe. This is about learning from industry, better coordination between partners and valuing the assets we hold. It is also about increasing the role that businesses can play directly, as socially responsible bodies. It is also the theme under which I will discuss my commitment to tackling the crimes that impact on business and the prosperity of this county.

Alongside these big themes for development, I will also be spelling out plans to build on much of the great work that the police and partner bodies do now to prevent crime and protect the public. For now, we are enjoying much reduced crime levels and record low level burglary figures – and I will say more about this shortly.

So those are the headlines: Offender Pays; Public Focus; Business Sense. Let me know what you think.