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Hitting six
Another busy month for this Police and Crime Commissioner. Though my mind has predominantly been focussed on starting to roll out the police and crime plan, getting all the office processes shipshape and strengthening links with partner organisations, I wanted to stop and reflect on the passing of another milestone – six months in office.

I was looking at the Hertfordshire map on the office wall this morning. It struck me just how much of the county I have been able to see in these early days: barn meetings; youth clubs; neighbourhood watches; businesses; charities; local councils; residents associations; women’s institutes – you name it. I have met some amazing people and seen some inspirational work to help victims of crime and to make our communities even safer. The 6-month milestone itself was marked with a visit to rural Gosmore in the morning for breakfast at a barn meeting and finished by meeting residents and councillors at a public forum in the more built-up Broxbourne. It is my duty and my privilege to represent the whole county – urban and rural – but the issues we all face are often strikingly similar. And the solutions so often come down to the same thing – working together as a community to keep the places we live in safe.

I am delighted with the progress that is being made against some pretty ambitious plans but I am also impatient to drive change and make further improvements. Ministers at the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice have said for some time now that wider responsibilities could be delegated to Police and Crime Commissioners, once Commissioners were established in local areas. Six months in, I am impatient to see the potential of this new role fully realised and I don’t want to see a loss of nerve or momentum from government around the localisation of control and improved commissioning of services for our local communities.

Of course, it is by working together at the even more local level in the Districts  and Boroughs that we can really get things done. That is why I have placed such a premium on partnership in my plans. And that’s why having ten Chief Inspectors and their teams (that’s one for each district/borough in Hertfordshire) working closely with local government and other partners is so important to me. Indeed while I was at the forum in Broxbourne I was glad to join the Borough Council in welcoming Broxbourne’s new Chief Inspector, Geoff Camp, to the patch.

At the more local level still – in our neighbourhoods, streets and villages – I was pleased to be able to announce at the beginning of June the launch of the ‘Commissioner’s Community Fund’ Using this fund I want to support local people and local groups who have got a big community safety idea of their own – so that people can come forward with all the ‘wouldn’t it be great if’s for their bit of the world. Information on how to bid is at the link above – please do have a look.