Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.  
Commissioner's Office: 01707 806100
Outlook for a second term
Firstly, I would like to thank everybody who voted in the police and crime commissioner elections in May – whether they voted for me or not. When I took my formal oath of office in 2012, I promised to serve all of the people of Hertfordshire equally and I intend to do just that, again, for my second term.
Twice the number of people turned out to vote in 2016 compared to the very first PCC elections almost four years ago, so it heartening to know that more people than ever are aware of this important role and recognise what can be achieved.

Over the coming months I will be seeking to deliver my manifesto promises but my tenure is about evolution, not revolution.  We already have a high performing value-for-money police force that is, by and large, trusted and respected by in the communities it serves. It is a county with low crime, despite its proximity to the capital.  I have made great efforts to preserve the very backbone of policing – the county’s neighbourhood teams – I have ensured that there is consistent, compassionate and practical support for victims of crime with the establishment of the Beacon Victim Care Centre, and I have ensured the Constabulary has invested in tackling domestic abuse and the growing scourge of cybercrime. 

So, the years ahead are about building on these strong foundations and developing partnerships, so that all organisations involved in community safety and criminal justice play their part – not just the police. I want victims to remain at the heart of all we do and I want to ensure I continue to reflect the views and concerns of the citizens and businesses in Hertfordshire.

One important focus for me is police transparency. The final outcome of the Hillsborough tragedy has really brought to light the utmost importance of honesty and openness in policing. When things go wrong, all forces need to look carefully at what they have done historically and learn from it. , although I think tThe public do recognise that the today’s police today are fair and ethical, with very few ‘bad apples’ whoand they understand that those who fail to meet the high standards expected are will be dealt with robustly when standards expected are not met.  I very much welcome the fact that police misconduct hearings now take place in public and believe that this will help to increase public confidence in policing.

Another aim is to increaseing the capacity and capability of the support and help provided to victims of crime in Hertfordshire, which will include expanding the remit of Beacon, and I want to see police, CPS, the prison, probation services and courts in the county working even more closely.
Finally, I will try to find ways of ensuring the duty of care that we all have towards our most vulnerable is rigorously enforced. As an example I want to ensure that vulnerable elderly people stop receiving hundreds of items of junk mail every week, by working proactively with Royal Mail.  I believe that a duty of care for victims and witnesses across criminal justice agencies needs a national standard and will work towards this.

I look forward to the months and years ahead in which we all work together for an even safer Hertfordshire.