Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.  
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Holding the Police to Account

As part of my role as Police and Crime Commissioner, I use a framework of meetings and information to hold the Chief Constable to account for the discharge of his functions and those of the officers and staff under his direction and control.

Meetings with the Chief Constable

As well as daily contact with the Chief Constable, Charlie Hall, I have a number of scheduled meetings with the Chief Constable across the month.

Each week, we have a one-to-one discussion so that I can keep abreast of issues as they arise. You can see a short film about the sort of things which come up at these meetings here:

I also hold a meeting approximately each month which is attended by one of my senior officers to record what we discuss and the notes of these meetings are published below under monthy meetings.

A senior member of my team also attends each monthly Constabulary performance meeting at the invitation of the Chief Constable. I attend these performance meetings every three months to go through topics that arise at those meetings.

Minutes from Meetings

Records of these meetings are published so that the public can see the subjects that are discussed and to make my holding to account function as transparent as it can be.

Details that are published may be edited to avoid disclosing personal details of people who have made representations to me that I raise with the Chief Constable, or operational details that may inhibit the work of the police against crime or criminals to ensure people are kept safe.

Monthly meetings with the Chief Constable and Quarterly performance meeting notes can be seen below.

Monthly Meetings

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