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Community Safety Grants

As well as the policing budget, the Police and Crime Commissioner oversees a Community Safety Fund. This funding supports work with partner organisations (such as local government) that have a vital part to play in keeping Hertfordshire’s communities safe.
The Commissioner has undertaken to transfer funds to the organisations who received funding last year in order to ensure that strong existing partnership work is not damaged in this transitional year.
However, the Commissioner has attached conditions to the grant to the funds to help him oversee how well the money is spent on behalf of local communities and to ensure that there is transparency and accountability. Mid-year reports have been requested which will provide information on progress and evidence of effectiveness.
Grant recipients also need to make sure their activities address the key principles of the Police and Crime Plan for Hertfordshire, ‘Everybody’s Business’, by focusing on the needs of the public, particularly victims of crime, ensuring that offenders make amends and pay back for the cost of crime and setting out plans to apply greater business sense.  In delivering against the Police and Crime Plan, the Commissioner considers that these grants will contribute towards securing crime and disorder reduction in Hertfordshire.
Click the link here to see how the grants were allocated from this fund for the 2015/16 financial year.

Allocations for previous years:
2014/15 financial year
2013/14 financial year

Expenditure over £500

I am committed to openness and transparency in my dealings, including laying out how and where your money is spent.
I will provide details of all payments over £500 (including VAT), other than crime reduction grants, that I have made, In order to ensure that value for money has been obtained, the expenditure listed has been made in accordance with the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Financial Regulations and Contract Standing Orders which are part of the Scheme of Corporate Governance.

The only times I will not do this will be where:
  • disclosure of information would breach the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • the information relates to the protection of vulnerable adults or children.
  • the information is confidential or would attract an exemption under the Freedom of Information Act e.g. where disclosure could be prejudicial to the commercial interests of any person including the Commissioner or Constabulary.
  • Where information is sensitive to operational police activity.

This information is published on Hertfordshire Constabulary's website and includes expenditure for both the Constabulary and the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.  

Published List of Expenditure over £500

Gifts and Hospitality

Reports of Gifts and Hospitality offered to the Commissioner’s Office can be viewed by clicking on the links below:
December 2016
Novemeber 2016
October 2016
September 2016
August 2016
July 2016
June 2016
12 May 2016 - 31st May 2016
April 2016 - 11 May 2016
March 2016
February 2016
January 2016

Reports for previous years:
2015 Reports
2014 Reports
2013 Reports
2012 Reports


Reports of expenses claimed by the Commissioner can be viewed by clicking on the links below;
The purchase of travel, accommodation is decided on using principles of common sense, reasonableness and the best use of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s and Deputy’s time. For example, standard rail travel will usually be purchased if available, travelling back from meetings rather than staying overnight will be considered as the first option, if this is good value. However, overnight stays will be considered appropriate if it is not possible to make a return journey at a sensible time due for example, to late meetings or the distance the venue is away from home.

 Report for February 2017
 Report for January 2017

Reports of the expenses claimed by the Deputy Commissioner can be viewed by clicking on the links below; 

 Report for January 2017

Expenses reports for previous years:
2016 Expenses
2015 Expenses
2014 Expenses

2013 Expenses
No expenses were claimed in the period November to December 2012 

Policing budget, precept and Investment Strategy

As Police and Crime Commissioner I am responsible for setting the annual policing budget and precept.  The relevant reports can be viewed by clicking on the links below. All reports have been reviewed and agreed by the relevant authorities prior to publication here.
Statement of Accounts
Open Letter, February 2015
Policing Precept Leaflet 2016-17
Annual Budget Report 2016-17
Annual Treasury Management (Investment) Strategy 2015-16
Response to Panel Report 2015-16
PCC Letter to Police and Crime Panel precept report 2016-17


Police and Crime Commissioners salaries are based on the size of the population in their area, my annual salary is £75,000
My Deputy Commissioner is David Gibson, David's annual salary is £55,000
My Chief Executive is Roy Wilsher. Roy’s full time salary employed by Herts County Council is £145,000.  This is Roy’s total salary for both his County Council role as Director for Community Protection and for his work as Chief Executive to the Commissioner.  The Commissioner reimburses the Council for the employment costs (ie salary plus pension and national insurance costs) for the part of this employment where he works for the Commissioner on secondment (equivalent to 2 days per week).  This cost to the Commissioner is £72,809 per year.
Mike Collier is Chief Finance Officer.  Mike is seconded to the Commissioner’s office from Hertfordshire County Council for the equivalent of one and a half days per week.  Mike is charged out to the Commissioner’s Office at an annual salary equivalent of £66,770 per year.  The total cost to the Commissioner (i.e. salary plus pension and national insurance) for Mike to undertake the Chief Finance Officer role is £30,000 per year plus travel costs.

Nina Villa is my Deputy Chief Executive and Chief of Staff. Nina is responsible for directing the operation of the Commissioner’s office and ensuring compliance with legislative and other requirements. Nina's salary is £72,229 plus pension contributions and £2,840 car allowance.

Gavin Miles is my Deputy Chief Executive and Legal Officer, and is responsible for directing the operation of the Commissioner’s office and ensuring compliance with legislative and other requirements. Gavin's salary is £79,010 plus pension contributions.

Salary bands for staff permanently employed are:
Grade A3: £20,205 - £23,346
Grade A4: £24,030 - £29,307
Grade A5: £30,180 - £36,570
Grade A6: £39,522 - £46,422
Salaries of seconded staff are based on their existing contracts.

Statement of Accounts

Statement of Accounts 2015-16:

PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN under Regulation 16 of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, that Ernst & Young have completed the audit of the accounts of both the Police & Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire and the Chief Constable for Hertfordshire, for the year ended 31st March 2016.

An unqualified opinion and the audit certificate on the accounts were issued by Ernst & Young on 29th September 2016.

Any interested local government elector may request a copy of the accounts, for which a suitable charge will be made, by writing to the Chief Finance Officer at the address below or by viewing them on the respective web pages of either the Police & Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire or
Hertfordshire Constabulary.

Alternatively, copies of the accounts may be inspected during the hours of 10am to 4pm, by appointment, at the address below. This right is conferred on local government electors by Section 25 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014.

County Police Headquarters
Stanborough Road
Welwyn Garden City

pdf Audit of Accounts 2015/16 Certificate of Completion
pdf Statement of Accounts for the Police & Crime Commissioner for 2015-16
pdf Audit Results Report for the Police & Crime Commissioner for 2015-16

Statement of Accounts 2014-15:
pdf Statement of Accounts for the Police & Crime Commissioner for 2014-15
pdf Audit Results Report for the Police & Crime Commissioner for 2014-15

Statement of Accounts 2013-14: 
pdf Annual Audit Letter for 2013-14 
pdf Statement of Accounts for the Police & Crime Commissioner for 2013-14 
pdf Audit Results Report for the Police & Crime Commissioner for 2013-14