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Expenditure over £500

I am committed to openness and transparency in my dealings, including laying out how and where your money is spent.
I will provide details of all payments over £500 (including VAT), other than crime reduction grants, that I have made, In order to ensure that value for money has been obtained, the expenditure listed has been made in accordance with the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Financial Regulations and Contract Standing Orders which are part of the Scheme of Corporate Governance.

The only times I will not do this will be where:
  • disclosure of information would breach the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • the information relates to the protection of vulnerable adults or children.
  • the information is confidential or would attract an exemption under the Freedom of Information Act e.g. where disclosure could be prejudicial to the commercial interests of any person including the Commissioner or Constabulary.
  • Where information is sensitive to operational police activity.

This information is published on Hertfordshire Constabulary's website and includes expenditure for both the Constabulary and the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.  

Published List of Expenditure over £500

Gifts and Hospitality

Reports of Gifts and Hospitality offered to the Commissioner’s Office can be viewed by clicking on the links below:
October 2017
September 2017
August 2017
July 2017
June 2017
May 2017 
April 2017
March 2017
February 2017
January 2017

Reports for previous years:
2016 Reports
2015 Reports
2014 Reports
2013 Reports
2012 Reports


Reports of expenses claimed by the Commissioner can be viewed by clicking on the links below;
The purchase of travel, accommodation is decided on using principles of common sense, reasonableness and the best use of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s and Deputy’s time. For example, standard rail travel will usually be purchased if available, travelling back from meetings rather than staying overnight will be considered as the first option, if this is good value. However, overnight stays will be considered appropriate if it is not possible to make a return journey at a sensible time due for example, to late meetings or the distance the venue is away from home.

 Report for March 2018
 Report for February 2018
 Report for January 2018

Reports of the expenses claimed by the Deputy Commissioner can be viewed by clicking on the links below;

 Report for February 2018
 Report for January 2018

Expenses reports for previous years:
2017 Expenses
2016 Expenses
2015 Expenses
2014 Expenses

2013 Expenses
No expenses were claimed in the period November to December 2012 

Policing Budget, Precept and Investment Strategy

As Police and Crime Commissioner I am responsible for setting the annual policing budget and precept.  The relevant reports can be viewed by clicking on the links below. All reports have been reviewed and agreed by the relevant authorities prior to publication here.

Notice of Public Inspection of Accounts 2017-18
Statement of Accounts
Open Letter - Precept 2018-19
Policing Precept Leaflet 2018-19
Annual Budget Report 2018-19
Police and Crime Panel Report on Proposed Precept 2018-19
Treasury Management Strategy 2018-19

Previous Years

Police Reserves

As part of the police funding settlement for 2018/19 the Minister for Policing, Fire and Criminal Justice and Victims called for greater transparency in how public money is used locally.  In particular, he called for more information to be made available around plans for the use of reserves and how those plans will support more effective policing. 

Details of the level and planned use of reserves in Hertfordshire are set out in Section 6 and Appendix C of the 2018/19 Precept and Budget report to the PCC’s Strategic Executive Board on 26 February.  They are brought together in the following pages to assist anyone who has a specific interest in our level of reserves.

Reserves Plan 2018/19 to 2022/23


Police and Crime Commissioners salaries are based on the size of the population in their area, my annual salary is £75,000
My Deputy Commissioner is David Gibson, David's annual salary is £55,000

Chris Brace is my Chief Executive. Chris is responsible for the overall strategic management for the support to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire. He is also the overall strategic lead for partnership arrangements, resourcing, planning, scrutiny and compliance required for the Commissioner to discharge their statutory duties. Chris' salary is £88,228 plus pension contributions and £2,840 car allowance.

Ian Rooney is my Chief Finance Officer. Ian is responsible for the proper administration of the Commissioner’s financial affairs. Ian’s salary is £82,965 plus pension contributions and £2,840 car allowance.

Gavin Miles is my part-time (0.8FTE) Deputy Chief Executive and Legal Officer, and is responsible for directing the operation of the Commissioner’s office and ensuring compliance with legislative and other requirements. Gavin's salary is £79,010 plus pension contributions.

Dr Amie Birkhamshaw is my Director of Delivery and Commissioning, and is responsible for implementing the Commissioner’s Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan: Everybody’s Business. Amie has strategic oversight of commissioning across the office. Amie’s salary is £67,101 plus a car allowance of £2,840 and pension contributions per annum.

Salary bands for staff permanently employed are:
Grade A3: £20,205 - £23,346
Grade A4: £24,030 - £29,307
Grade A5: £30,180 - £36,570
Grade A6: £39,522 - £46,422
Salaries of seconded staff are based on their existing contracts.