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Road Safety Fund

The Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan, Everybody’s Business (2017- 2022) outlines a commitment to supporting a range of projects and initiatives based around the principle of offenders paying for the harm they have caused. This includes undertaking a concerted attack on criminal assets to recover the proceeds of crime, and to utilise the income generated by offenders to pay for initiatives to help victims and communities. The  Plan makes a specific reference to ensuring that the public is able to see how income generated from offenders is being spent.

Anti-social driving, such as speeding, those causing distractions such as mobile phones, drug and alcohol driving, and collisions and casualties on our roads, are frequently raised as concerns by the residents of Hertfordshire. Using the surplus generated from motorists who have committed driving offences and been ordered to pay court costs following prosecution, or who have attended educational diversionary courses (such as speed awareness course), the Road Safety Fund looks to fund new and innovative ways of improving road safety and changing behaviour.

In line with the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime, it also seeks to provide road victims and their families the support they need to help them cope and recover from the crime they have experienced. For Hertfordshire, the surplus generated from the Camera, Tickets and Collisions (CTC) Unit amounts to approximately £1.5 million for the period 2017-2018.

The Road Safety Fund invites local community groups and organisations to apply for funding to help develop and design local solutions where a need has been identified, supporting projects that will assist in the delivery of Hertfordshire’s Strategic Road Safety Partnership’s vision. The aim of the Road Safety Fund is  to find new and innovative ways of improving road safety, supporting a holistic mix of engineering and education to achieve sustainable behaviour change solutions and interventions which focus on reducing road casualties and antisocial road use.
Recipients and amounts awarded for 2017

Recipients and amounts awarded for March 2016

The Hertfordshire County Council-led Road Safety Partnership oversees any grant bids on behalf of the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

How to Apply

The Road safety Fund is now closed for round 3. Round 4 will open later in 2019. Please keep checking this page for updates. If you have any Road Safety or general Highways concerns you should visit Hertfordshire County Council Highways, roads and pavements webpage  or contact your local Hertfordshire County Councillor.


Round 3 Applications Update

If you have any queries regarding your application and its progress please email roadsafetyfund@hertfordshire.gov.uk and copy in commissioner@herts.pcc.pnn.gov.uk