Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.  
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SEB Agenda and Minutes for 18 April 2016

3.00pm in Conference Room 1, Police Headquarters

  • David Lloyd, Commissioner
  • David Gibson, Deputy Commissioner
  • Roy Wilsher, Chief Executive
  • Nina Villa, Deputy Chief Executive
  • Gavin Miles, Deputy Chief Executive
  • Mike Collier, Chief Financial Officer
  • Amie Birkhamshaw, Head of Policy and Engagement
  • Sandra Coughlan, Head of Programme and Business Development
  • Stuart Nagler, Chair Audit Committee
Hertfordshire Constabulary:
  • Andy Bliss, Chief Constable
  • Michelle Dunn, T/Deputy Chief Executive
  • James Hurley, Director of Resources
  • Colin Connolly, Head of Corporate Communications
  • Geoff Camp, Director of Performance
  • Richard Liversidge, Chief of Staff

The meeting minutes can be read here

 Agenda and Part 1 Papers
Item Title Introduced By
1 Apologies  
2 Approval of Minutes of meeting PCC Lloyd
3 Action Sheet PCC Lloyd
4 Compact Summary (for noting) Amie Birkhamshaw
5 Inconsiderate Parking Update (Verbal) Matt Nicholls
6 Police and Crime Plan: Chiefs Update Chief Constable Bliss
7 Issues from SPB (Verbal) Geoff Camp
8 HMIC Update (Verbal) Matt Nicholls
9 AOB:
1. HMIC Update re Disclosure unit Risk
2. Section 22 collaboration agreement for the National Police Chiefs Council
1. James hurley
2. Gavin Miles

Part 2
Not for disclosure under Section 31 (Law enforcement) of the Freedom of Information Act. 
10 PSD Complaints Update Constabulary                   

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 16th May, 10:00 - 13:00
Conference Room, Harpenden