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Countywide Community Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel

In August 2014, Hertfordshire Constabulary signed up to the Home Secretary’s Best Use of Stop Search Scheme to put in place a range of measures to ensure better compliance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) Code of Practice A, including the scrutiny of Stop Search records by the communities they serve. By signing up to the new measures, it is hoped that it will lead to a more focused and intelligent-led approach to Stop Search, resulting in a higher arrest rate, and a targeting of those engaged in serious criminality, leading to a greater proportion of stop searches for acquisitive crime, rather than low level drugs possession.

Oral statement to Parliament: Reform of police stop and search powers

The Home Secretary advised that the responsibility for external scrutiny should be owned and facilitated by those democratically charged with holding the police to account. In March 2015, Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner set up an independent scrutiny panel made up of members of the community from across the county to undertake scrutiny of Hertfordshire’s stop search practices. The panel is able to provide a voice for community concerns and help inform and influence police training and actions. It is hoped that by introducing the scrutiny panel, public confidence and trust in the way in which Stop and Search is conducted will improve, as will the correct and proportionate exercise of Stop and Search powers.

More information on how the community scrutiny panel was set up can found in the briefing note.

Membership of the Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel is as follows:
  • Chair: Jeffrey Burke - Retired Judge, Resident of Flamstead
  • Deputy Chair: Margareta Allison - Hertfordshire Resident
  • Robert Baber - Hertfordshire Resident
  • Roger Bosley - Employed Resident of Hertfordshire
  • Christopher Cowdrey - Retired IT Manager, Resident of Hertfordshire
  • Tina Faraji - Law Student, University of Hertfordshire
  • Brenda Griffiths - Non-Executive Director of Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust and Associate Member of the College of Policing
  • Megan Jackson - Student at The University of Hertfordshire
  • Marian Langley - Retired Local Government Scrutiny Officer
  • Caroline Malcolm - Clergy, Foster Carer
  • Brian Malyon - Resident of Hertfordshire and Chair of Dacorum Sports Trust
  • Nadia Miah - Student at The University of Hertfordshire
  • Marianne Murphy - Education Advisor, Hertfordshire County Council
  • Benjamin Platt - East Hertfordshire Resident
  • Gail Robinson - Resident of Hertfordshire
  • Jagtar Singh Dhindsa - Instructional Officer Prison Service
The Panel aims to be reflective of the Hertfordshire Community that it represents. The Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel is made up of the following (self-defnied):
  • White British: 8
  • Black British: 1
  • British Indian: 1
  • Asian or Asian British - Bangladeshi: 1
  • Prefer not to say: 2
Stop and Search Panel Terms of Reference

Stop and Search Video for Officer Training 2016
All officers received updated training on Stop and Search during 2016/17. Each Chair of the Community Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel was asked to provide a short video clip by way of an opening remark to the training session outlining the importance of the external Community Scrutiny Panel and how the work of the group helps to improve Stop and Search practices and public confidence.

Jeffrey Burke as Chair of Hertfordshire’s Community Scrutiny Panel meeting recorded the video clip below in November 2016. The video will be used during the training sessions taking place between November 2016 and March 2017 when initial training will be completed across the force.

Minutes of Meetings
28 March 2017
21 February 2017
25 January 2017

Minutes from Previous Years
2016 Meetings
2015 Meetings

The Countywide Community Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel’s Annual Report

 Report for March 2016 - February 2017 

Hertfordshire Constabulary Ride Along Scheme
If you would like to go on a ride along with the potential for seeing Stop & Search in action details of the scheme can be found here.