Herts Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner announced
Hertfordshire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd announced today his intention to appoint as his deputy Dr Rachel Frosh, a local doctor and health services commissioner.
Rachel brings to the team strong links with some of the partners that can help to cut crime. She has extensive experience in working across different agencies, including work with the police, local authorities and other local services to coordinate multi-agency community safety projects and emergency plans. She has worked directly with troubled families, victims of crime, drug addicts and those with mental health problems, and has a track record of redesigning health and social care services to improve outcomes for both patients and the public.
The Commissioner and his deputy will be working with the public, the police, businesses and leaders across Hertfordshire to cut crime and keep communities safe.
David’s area of responsibility will be much wider than the outgoing Police Authority, with a focus on tackling the causes of crime, as well as on policing. The expertise that Dr Frosh brings will be particularly useful in the area of crime prevention. A high proportion of some types of crime are directly linked to drug use. Improving the identification, treatment and rehabilitation for addicts could have a significant effect on reducing local crime levels.
Commissioner David Lloyd said “To really cut crime, we need to tackle issues further up the chain. Rachel has a great deal of experience in the health arena and understands how we need to be bringing together work on public health and crime. She will be an asset to my team. I will need the full range of partner organisations to play their part in the fight against crime. Adding Rachel’s health contacts to my strong local government links will create a formidable team.”
Rachel Frosh said “I’m really looking forward to this exciting new role. Crime rates are already low in Hertfordshire, and criminals have a much higher chance of being caught than in most other areas. I am clear, however, that there is much more that David and I can do to prevent crime before it happens.”