Nobody Asks to be sexually assaulted or raped
Nobody asks to be sexually assaulted or raped… that’s the message a new campaign is sending to people going out in Hertfordshire.

There’s never any excuse. If there’s no consent, it’s a crime.

This proactive campaign is reminding pub and club-goers to take care of themselves and their friends on a night out and get home safely.

It also sends out a strong message to potential offenders around the consequences of committing a sexual assault on someone.

The campaign, which is supported by Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, has been developed by Hertfordshire’s County Community Safety Unit. Officers from teams right around the county will be present in busy nightspots all through the festive season right through to the New Year.

Police officers, bar and club managers, security teams, door supervisors, bar staff, taxi marshals, Street Pastors are all taking part in helping to raise awareness around the campaign.

Commissioner David Lloyd said: “The police are there to help us but we need to help ourselves too. This campaign keeps people safe by reminding them of sensible precautions they can take themselves and to be mindful of the consequences of actions that are unlawful and harmful.

“One offence of this sort is one too many; the police and partner agencies will need to work together to tackle this issue.”

Detective Chief Inspector Glen Channer who is leading the operation said: “We want people to go out and have a good time during the festive period and all year round in the pub and club venues that Hertfordshire offers.

“But we also want people to get home safely and to take responsibility for themselves and their friends.

“Local officers will be working alongside the bar and club managers, security teams, door supervisors, bar staff, taxi marshalls and street pastors – all helping to raise awareness and to intervene if someone looks vulnerable.

“We don’t have a specific problem with this type of crime in Hertfordshire but we are taking a proactive stance that we hope will raise awareness.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with the licensees in the pubs and clubs and other partners in the county who are fully supportive of the campaign.”

Local licensees are supporting the campaign and are displaying posters and stickers on their premises.

Anyone who’s been a victim of sexual assault can get advice and support by calling the Sexual Assault Referral Centre 0808 178 4448 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) or visit You don’t have to involve police.