'Progress on ambitious plans' - six-month anniversary of taking office
This week marks the six-month anniversary of Hertfordshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, taking office, providing an opportunity to review progress and focus on plans for the future. 
In his first six months, Commissioner Lloyd’s main priority has been to set a budget, agree his first Police and Crime Plan and to get across the county, listening to the views of the police, partner organisations and communities about what needs to be done to keep Hertfordshire safe. The resulting plan, ‘Everybody’s Business’ sets the blueprint for his term of office.
Commissioner Lloyd explained: “I have been clear from the start that partnership working is the key to keeping the county safe – that’s why I have called the plan ‘Everybody’s Business’.  And people seem to really want to get involved. There was a far higher level of engagement in the Plan than with previous Police Authority policing plans, drawing around 200 responses from Hertfordshire residents and other interested parties.  Working with partners, I hope to make rapid progress on the three main development areas in the plan: public focus; offender pays and business sense. 
“We have established very strong links with partners across the Community Safety and Criminal Justice arena which will stand us in good stead as we move forward. 
“Due to the timing of the elections I needed to get a plan in place and set a budget in a matter of weeks – I was glad to be able to deliver on my election promise to keep the policing element of council tax frozen for the third year running.
“Although the ink is only just dry on the plan, I am already working with the police, local authorities and others to make progress on this ambitious plan – I want now to press on with driving change and making further improvements and to really make a difference in Hertfordshire.
“Thank you to all those who have been involved in the debate and action planning to date and I urge everyone to consider how they can contribute to making Hertfordshire an even safer county.”