Herts Commissioner welcomes continued fall in crime
The latest set of figures produced by Hertfordshire Constabulary show that crime fell in the county during 2012/13 by 14.7 per cent, with 9148 fewer crimes being recorded in the 12 months up to 31 March 2013.
Crime in Hertfordshire has been reducing over the last few years and these latest figures build on the 6.3 per cent reduction in 2011/12. The overall reduction was reflected in the number of violent crimes reported, down 9.8 per cent (1198 incidents) and serious crimes, such as dwelling burglary and robbery, down by 8.6 per cent and 15.5 per cent respectively.
Crime levels in the county remain well below the national average and Hertfordshire Constabulary compares very favourably with other similar forces, with the best detection rate of the group at 38.6 per cent.
Other crime types that also fell during 2012/13:
  1. Distraction Burglary down 16 per cent 
  2. Vehicle crime down 9.8 per cent
  3. Anti-social behaviour down 28.5 per cent
  4. Serious violent crime down 1 per cent
Hertfordshire Police Commissioner and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, welcomed the news: “The latest crime figures make very encouraging reading, demonstrating that the police are performing well in keeping crime low in Hertfordshire. That is why I have been able to focus on building on success to date in my first police and crime plan.  But keeping the county safe is not just a job for the police. As the title of the new plan, ‘Everybody’s Business’, suggests, we all have our part to play.
“It is particularly encouraging to see that the most serious and distressing types of crime, such as distraction burglary remain low. My plan places a strong emphasis on improving the experience of victims of crime who find themselves in contact with the criminal justice system.”

Chief Constable Andy Bliss said: “It is reassuring to see that we are focussing our efforts in the right areas and that we are managing to bring crime down year-on-year. These figures reflect the dedication and professionalism of all those working for and with Hertfordshire Constabulary, to keep crime as low as possible and keep the county a safe place to live and a great place to visit.
“It is only possible to keep crime and anti-social behaviour down by making sure we do not rest, but keep working on identifying potential future risks and advising the public on how they can help us prevent crime before it happens.”