Herts Commissioner welcomes Crown Prosecution Service announcement of victims right to challenge decisions
Herts Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, has welcomed plans to give victims the right to challenge the Crown Prosecution Service when it decides to abandon a prosecution or not charge a suspect.

“This is a great step forward to put power in the hands of victims of crime who feel they have been let down,” Commissioner Lloyd said, adding "I really want to see the justice system doing more to put victims at the heart of the matter."

Announcing the new power this week, Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer said the new 'right to review' would cover all decisions by the CPS not to pursue a case. Details of a three month consultation can be viewed on the CPS website.

Commissioner Lloyd commented "All too often victims are left on the margins in the criminal justice system when they should be at its heart. If victims of crime have found the strength to come forward we should be giving them every opportunity to see justice done."