Hertfordshire's Commissioner backs 'drunk tanks' and calls for responsible approach to alcohol
Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner welcomed proposals from police chiefs for ‘drunk tanks’ paid for by unruly drinkers and called on businesses and drinkers to behave responsibly in relation to alcohol.

The ‘drunk tank’ idea – which would see private companies running services for anti-social drinkers and presenting a bill in the morning - is being proposed by police chiefs nationally and shows how Commissioner Lloyd’s ‘offender pays’ ideas are starting debate on how best to tackle crime.

Commenting on the idea, David Lloyd said: “The notion of a drunk tank, with the drunks bearing the cost of their own care, resonates with my ‘offender pays’ ideas. I want to see those responsible bearing much more of the costs of crime. Though this is squarely at the ideas stage, it certainly looks like a good idea and one that I would be happy to explore.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary will be ramping up their work as part of a UK-wide initiative which is designed to demonstrate the realities of policing alcohol-related incidents and behaviours.  The initiative chimes with Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd’s plan for the county which lays out his drive for more ‘Business Sense’ in policing and crime matters. This includes helping to develop responsible approaches with businesses which require additional policing, such as those involved in the night-time economy.

The policing initiative will see a variety of activity across the county, focusing on town centres where pubs and clubs are located.  Safer Neighbourhood policing teams, Street Pastors and Special Constables will be deployed in drinking hotspots and will be carrying out licensing checks as well as making sure revellers get home safely.  A particular focus will be on the University of Hertfordshire where new students will receive messages about drinking responsibly and personal safety during Freshers’ Fair activities.

The national week of action is taking place between September 16 and 23. The university’s Freshers’ Fair, however, takes place the week after so events will be extended in Hertfordshire over a fortnight.

Commissioner David Lloyd said: “I have been clear in my plan for the county, ‘Everybody’s Business’ that we all need to take responsibility for keeping our community safe. That applies equally to businesses and to drinkers. “