Commissioner comments on six-month progress report on his Police and Crime Plan, 'Everybody's Business'
“I’m proud of what has been achieved during my first year as the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner and that Hertfordshire is an even safer place to live in than this time last year,” commented Commissioner David Lloyd.
As well as marking the one-year anniversary of the Police and Crime Commissioners’ elections this week (November 15), a six-month progress report is also being published on Commissioner Lloyd’s Police and Crime Plan, ‘Everybody’s Business’. 
“It’s been a busy year,” said Commissioner Lloyd.  “The first six months in office laid some strong foundations which included the development of my Police and Crime Plan for the county which launched in mid-April.  The second six months have focused on beginning to deliver against my plans for the county.”
The six-month report details the progress made against the goals set out in ‘Everybody’s Business’. 
The highlights of the report include:
Safer Hertfordshire – Less Crime – Fewer Victims
In the first half of the current policing year (April to September inclusive) crime was reduced by six per cent in Hertfordshire, or 1610 fewer crimes.  There were even bigger reductions in areas which the public asked to be prioritised in the Police and Crime Plan – Anti Social Behaviour is down by nearly 30 per cent, almost 6,000 fewer incidents. 
Making Criminals Pay
Confiscations under the Proceeds of Crime Act have increased by almost 300 per cent to a total of £1.7m, a record figure for Hertfordshire Constabulary.
Local Policing Protected
The local policing model is at the heart of our crime fighting strategy and frontline safer neighbourhood teams have been protected or increased. Investment in new technology to support frontline policing is freeing up time for more effective contact with the public
Better Partnership Working to Cut Crime
New structures have been established to build on Hertfordshire’s excellent community safety working with the Police and Crime Commissioner giving leadership and focus to the work of the many organisations responsible for keeping crime low in Hertfordshire.
More Money for Community Anti-Crime Initiatives
The Commissioner launched his Community Fund, to provide £250,000 of support to local crime fighting initiatives across Hertfordshire.
New Initiatives to Help the Public Play Their Part in Fighting Crime
The Commissioner has launched his volunteering strategy which is challenging individuals, organisations and businesses across Hertfordshire to consider what more they can do to help keep Hertfordshire safe.  He has also launched Community Drivesafe  - giving people the tools to tackle speeding in their own areas.  The Special Constabulary has also been expanded and is on target to achieve a 12 per cent increase in its numbers for the year. 
Faster, More Efficient Justice
The Commissioner has invested in “virtual courts”, doubling Hertfordshire’s capacity, bringing quicker justice and freeing up frontline officers’ time.

Commissioner Lloyd concluded: “I asked the public what their priorities are and drew up the Police and Crime Plan to meet those priorities.  The plan set some really ambitious goals but I am pleased to report that, with the help of the police and partners right across the county, we have made excellent progress towards achieving those goals.  Most importantly, we have managed to keep the squeeze on crime by working together and delivering some of the best results in the country. 
“I would like to pay special tribute to the work of our Constabulary which is one of the most effective nationally.  They have focused their efforts on the priorities the public asked for and have delivered excellent results.”
Chief Constable Andy Bliss added: “I am very pleased indeed with the outcomes that the Constabulary has achieved against the Commissioner’s challenging and ambitious plan and the continuing progress that has been made in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.  The Commissioner has given the people of Hertfordshire, and especially victims of crime, a strong voice and we are determined to listen and learn as we strive with partners to make this county an ever safer place to be.”
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