Commissioner Lloyd hosts new 'blue light' integration working group
The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire is chairing a new national working group looking at ways the emergency services can work more closely to better serve the public.

David Lloyd chaired the first meeting of the Blue Light Integration working group, including police and crime commissioners from across the country, in London on Tuesday (18th February). The group discussed the current state of play with integration between services, what opportunities there are for future working in the area and what barriers there are to progress.

Commissioner Lloyd said: “Police forces and fire services up and down the country are increasingly looking at ways they can integrate their services. While none are proposing full merger, more and more are realising that this is a key area where savings can be made in the challenging financial environment they find themselves in.

“However there is also potential for a range of other benefits including better strategic coordination between services and better levels of service for residents, including shorter response times.

“Police and crime commissioners are in the unique position to provide the local leadership required to drive forward these innovative changes. This group will provide a platform for this work and draw together lessons and experience of services working together across the country.”

Blue Light Integration is a short-hand reference for collaboration and pooling of resources and assets between different public sector emergency organisations.

Hertfordshire has a strong tradition of collaborative work and integration between public services.

Hertfordshire Constabulary has a number of services and units collaborated with Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire forces and David Lloyd signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the end of last year paving the way for further collaboration.

 The County Community Safety Unit is a joint unit run by police and Herts Children’s Services, while Herts Fire & Rescue Services is also integrated with the County Council.