Commissioner celebrates DriveSafe success
Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd marked the successful first year of his speed reduction scheme, Community DriveSafe, by inviting the lead volunteers from across Hertfordshire to Police Headquarters to thank them for their efforts.

Some 32 individual schemes, involving 156 volunteers, have already been set up since its launch last April and more schemes are in the pipeline.

“The response to DriveSafe has been fantastic,” said the Commissioner. “We have already had to put in extra resources to meet demand and I am committed to supporting as many new schemes as communities need.”

DriveSafe empowers members of the public concerned about speeding in their neighbourhood to tackle the problem directly with help and training from police.

 The Commissioner and senior police officers spoke to volunteers at the event held in Welwyn Garden City on Monday evening (March 3rd) and discussed the scheme with them.

 Commissioner Lloyd said: “It was great to see so many people who are obviously committed to making the community they live in a safer place for everyone. We had the chance to discuss issues about the scheme and I was delighted to be able to thank them personally for their efforts.

“I set DriveSafe up because I know speeding is a real concern for many and it’s an issue I was determined to tackle when I came into office as Commissioner. I believe that the more members of the public who are involved in community safety and policing, the safer we will all be. I would encourage anyone else who has concerns about speeding drivers where they live or work to get involved too.”

Wendy-Jo Atter, who is a lead DriveSafe volunteer in Bishop’s Stortford, added: “The scheme has empowered me to make a difference in the community I live in. I feel I am making a valuable contribution because my direct involvement in DriveSafe means that motorists are encouraged to drive more safely where I live and police officers’ time is being freed up to deal with other issues.”

DriveSafe is a scheme set up by the Commissioner to allow anyone in Hertfordshire who has concerns about speeding in their area to tackle the issue themselves. It requires ten or more residents or local businesses sign a petition expressing concern about motorists speeding in a particular location and at least three people to volunteer to actively run it. The road must already have a 30mph limit for safety reasons.  (If your road has a 40mph limit or above, please contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team.)

A police officer will assess the road for a suitable and safe location and the fully-trained volunteers will be issued with high-visibility jackets and roadside warning signs. They are trained by police officers on how to use speed detection equipment and to monitor the speed of vehicles.

They use a Speed Indicator Display sign (SID) to tell motorists what speeds they were travelling. A smiling face indicates an acceptable speed, within the limit, and a sad face means the driver is going too fast and can expect a warning letter. Repeat offenders will be visited by a police officer about the offence.

You can access your own online petition via the Police and Crime Commissioner’s website or you can request one by ringing the Commissioner’s office on 01707 806100..