Commissioner comments on HMIC Report
Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has welcomed Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) report that gives an important snap shot of police crime recording procedures around the country and gives recommendations for improvement.
David Lloyd said: "I am concerned that the report has identified failings in recording procedures, but I have received personal assurance from the HMIC that there is no evidence of deliberate manipulation of figures in Hertfordshire, or a lack of integrity amongst officers and staff.

"Accurate recording of crime is important to inform operational policing and I need to make sure that Hertfordshire Constabulary is getting it right.
"I had already asked the Chief to review the accuracy of recording and some key changes have since been made.

"I have now also asked him to implement the recommendations in the report and I will be holding him closely to account for doing so.
"This is a key role for Police and Crime Commissioners and I will ensure it is followed through
"I look forward to receiving the full HMIC report on Hertfordshire’s inspection, which is anticipated in June, and I will also ensure this is presented to the Police and Crime Panel.
"We should not lose sight of the fact that Hertfordshire is a safe place and our police force is doing an excellent job in policing the county – and this has been confirmed by numerous previous HMIC reports.
"However, I am continually listening to the public in Hertfordshire so that improvements can be made in their dealings with the Constabulary."
David continued: "While there have been some shortcomings in meeting the Home Office recording standards, the criteria and interpretation applied by the Constabulary have been consistent over time and so I am completely confident that the overall picture, showing a big fall in crime over the last few years, is an accurate one.
"Indeed, as reported in the HMIC report, this is borne out by the independent Crime Survey for England and Wales which shows that crime is at its lowest level since the survey began."