Commissioner Launches Victims Services Strategy
In six months’ time Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner becomes responsible for securing support services to victims of crime and is now seeking views on how these services should be provided in Hertfordshire.
Commissioner David Lloyd has recently published his proposed strategy for providing practical and emotional support services to victims of crime.
He is asking partner agencies and the public of Hertfordshire what they would like support to victims to look like.
One of the crucial decisions to be made is whether to extend services to unrecorded offences, as well as to victims of crimes that have been reported to the police.
In October 2014, Police and Crime Commissioners take over responsibility from the Ministry of Justice for commissioning the majority of services for victims. Hertfordshire has already received a one-off grant for building capacity and capability of £415,169 for 2013/14. 
Some of this money is being allocated to the latest Police and Crime Commissioner’s Community Fund for victim services (see news release 005) and some is for restorative justice.
Commissioner Lloyd said: "I am very keen to play my part in ensuring that victims of crime and anti-social behaviour get the support, help and advice they need. 
"During my time as Police and Crime Commissioner I’ve met many victims and talked to them in depth about their experiences. Every one of them has a different need and level of support required.
"For some, being a victim is not a hugely traumatic experience, but it can still cause them inconvenience. For others, being a victim of crime, or suffering at the wrong end of anti-social behaviour, can have life-changing and devastating consequences."
The strategy outlines the proposed vision for how services for victims should be provided in the future. If you want to have your say please visit where you can read the full document and feed back online. 
If you do not have internet access you can contact the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for a hard copy of the document by calling 01707 806100 or make a request by post to Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, Harpenden Police Station, 15 Vaughan Road, Harpenden, AL5 4GZ.