Commissioner's community safety funding agreed for Hertfordshire partnerships
The Police and Crime Commissioner has approved this year’s community safety funding of just under £800,000 and has decided how it will be shared between the 11 administrative areas in Hertfordshire (districts, boroughs and county). 

Funding is divided among the Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) and County Community Safety Unit according to a formula factoring in population and crime figures. 

Commissioner David Lloyd said: “As I have made clear in my Police and Crime Plan, keeping Hertfordshire a safe place is ‘Everybody’s Business’ and the Community Safety Partnerships play a vital role in this.  In this county we have built a really effective district-based approach with local agencies including councils, police, fire and probation teaming up to make a real impact on their own patch.  Much of this work goes unsung but I believe it is making a real impact keeping crime low and I intend to support and encourage it. During my ‘district days’, when I visit councils around the county, I have seen first-hand just what can be achieved.

“In order to keep up momentum, I will continue to meet regularly with colleagues from the local authorities and ask for evidence of success. Protecting the public of Hertfordshire is a top priority and in order to be accountable to the people I represent I need to ensure that we make the best use of resources.”

Conditions of continued funding by the Commissioner include a commitment to work across boundaries, collaborating on activity wherever possible, and to show how plans meet the key principles set out in ‘Everybody’s Business’ 1, the Police and Crime Plan for Hertfordshire. CSPs must also provide evidence that activity is proven to have a positive impact on crime and community safety.

Highlights include tackling dangerous parking outside schools in Broxbourne; steering young people at risk away from crime in Dacorum; the Safer Streets projects in Hertsmere and Watford, Operations Stomp, Panther and Agrarian in East Herts; domestic abuse awareness in North Herts;  a ‘No More drug and alcohol’ project in Stevenage;  Crucial Crew safety events for primary school children in St Albans; the Partnership Protected Area in Three Rivers; the use of Community Payback in Welwyn Hatfield and work in Watford to promote Neighbourhood Watch schemes.

The amounts allocated for 2014/5 are:

Broxbourne £22,019
Dacorum £29, 324
East Herts £23,121
Hertsmere £24,898
North Herts £23,797
St Albans City and District £28, 540
Stevenage £19,900
Three Rivers £21,554
Watford £25,620
Welwyn Hatfield £24,589
County Community Safety Unit £550,721

County funding is shared as follows:

Home Securities Service £14,198
Domestic Abuse Helpline £7,288
Drug Action Team £48,704
Drugs Intervention Programme £233,763
HCC County Intelligence and Information Unit (MIDAS) £38,592
Youth Offending Teams (Youth Crime and Substance Misuse Prevention) £128,594
HCC Children’s Services (Substance Misuse) £79,582

The totals are slightly lower than last year as each district/borough council is contributing £3,000 to a countywide Domestic Homicide Review2 Fund, a kind of ‘insurance scheme’ which can be used if a homicide occurs in any part of the county.  A further £3,000 has been allocated to the fund by the PCC and £3,000 by the Probation Service.

An under-spend of £7,330 in last year’s Community Safety Grant has also now been reallocated to the Commissioner’s Community Fund 3 for 2014/5.

You can contact Commissioner Lloyd’s office by email: or by phone: 01707 806100 or by post: Harpenden Police Station, 15 Vaughan Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 4GZ. 

You can follow the Commissioner on Twitter @HertsPCC and find out more on his Facebook page: HertsPCC.