Good progress on delivering the police and crime plan
Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, has a clear vision for policing and crime matters in Hertfordshire and has made several milestone achievements. Significant successes include the protection of local policing teams whilst ensuring the police portion of your council tax bill did not rise for 2014-15 (frozen for the third year running).

His Annual Report for the financial year April 2013 to March 2014, published today (Monday 16th June), sets out the highlights and achievements of his first full year as Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

He said: “I hope this report gives food for thought to anyone who wonders what my role actually is in making Hertfordshire an even safer place for everyone. Not only do I set the policing priorities for Hertfordshire Constabulary, in my five-year plan entitled ‘Everybody’s Business’, I also have the vital role of holding the Chief Constable to account, on behalf of the public of Hertfordshire.

“Through me, as your elected representative, I ensure that Chief Constable Andy Bliss continues to build on the county’s success in reducing crime, catching criminals and keeping people safe. I do this through regular one-to-one and chief officer meetings, attending a Strategic Performance Board, having an overview of public complaints and independent assessment of the force, including HMIC inspections.

In terms of progress against Everybody’s Business, he said: “During 2013-14 crime fell, anti-social behaviour reduced by an impressive 29.4% and the detection rate stood at 37% which is 2% higher than the stretching target the force set itself to achieve. In addition, 20% fewer offences were committed by those who carry out the highest number of crimes, known as ‘prolific and priority crime offenders’.

“My own emphasis has been on the themes of ‘public focus’, ‘offender pays’ and ‘business sense’, through more focused partnership working with other organisations, including councils, as well as improvements within policing and the criminal justice system. Key highlights include setting up the Commissioner’s Community Fund, giving £350,000 towards vital local schemes helping to keep Hertfordshire safe; the highest ever total assets seized from the proceeds of crime in Hertfordshire, of almost £750,000 and the roll out of 100 mobile tablet devices to police on the streets, enabling them to spend more time on patrol and deal with crime and incidents more efficiently.

”Other highlights of the year include:

Meeting the stretching efficiency savings targets, leaving the Constabulary in a sound financial position for the future, whilst maintaining local teams and continuing to drive down crime. 

The signing of the collaboration agreement with Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire enabling all three forces to deliver long-term efficiencies.

Spearheading a successful campaign to have Mount prison designated as the rehabilitation centre for the region – making it easier to prevent re-offending by Hertfordshire prisoners.

Setting up a county wide Community Safety Board to support and enhance partnership work.

Extension of ‘virtual’ courts, with a second video link opened at Hoddesdon Police Station, helping to deliver faster and more efficient justice.

Special Constabulary strengthened with recruitment drives, and a particular focus on rural areas.

You can contact Commissioner Lloyd’s office by email: or by phone: 01707 806100 or by post: Harpenden Police Station, 15 Vaughan Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 4GZ. You can follow the Commissioner on Twitter @HertsPCC and find out more on his Facebook page: HertsPCC.