Commissioner's Community Fund winners
More than £150,000-worth of funding for crime prevention, community safety and victim services projects in Hertfordshire has been agreed by the Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd.

Twelve schemes from around the county have received grant funding following a revamped application process for the Commissioner’s Community Fund (CCF) and victims’ fund which was launched in March 2015. The updated process included a workshop which offered practical support and guidance to prospective applicants. Groups were able to learn more about the aims of the funds and how to form their bids with these aims in mind.

Successful bids had to be innovative, make a real difference to the community and deliver sustainable benefits, among other criteria. Bids also had to be realistic, deliverable and financially viable.

Commissioner Lloyd said: “I am delighted to be able to fund these excellent projects that either support my updated Police and Crime Plan for 2015-2020, or provide support to people who have been the victim of a crime. The feedback following our new workshop was very positive and we know it helped many groups strengthen their bids for funding."

“The CCF-funded schemes will support vulnerable sectors of the community, educating residents to help prevent them becoming victims of crime, and diverting at-risk groups away from offending or anti-social behaviour, so they can contribute positively to society."

“My Police and Crime Plan places victims at the centre of what we do and work by the Herts Area Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Centre, supported by my victims’ fund, will help those who have suffered from these dreadful crimes cope and recover.”

Groups receiving CCF grants (total value £155,475):
1. ASCEND (Three Rivers): Awarded £14,490 to provide weekly sessions for victims, witnesses and those at risk of becoming victims providing help, support and advocacy for a range of issues. 

2. Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce (Countywide): Awarded £2,000 to provide cybercrime prevention for Hertfordshire businesses.  

3. Jackie’s Drop in Centre (Countywide): Awarded £1,018 to facilitate confidential reporting of hate crime within a drop in centre for adults with disabilities.
4. 1 Decision Ltd (Countywide): Awarded £21,185 to provide fire safety and crime reduction education modules to primary school children.

5. St Albans CAB (Countywide): Awarded £15,554 to deliver a scam and on-line safety initiative to elderly and vulnerable clients

6. Child UK (Countywide): Awarded £25,379 to provide a range of street based structured activities for 11-19 year olds who are at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour.                                                            

7. CHEXS (Broxbourne): Awarded £21,979 to provide a range of community activities and volunteer opportunities for 13- to 15-year-olds at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour.

8. Herts Sport Partnership (Countywide): Awarded £25,000 to provide targeted sport activities to 7- to 15-year-olds who are at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour. 

9. Vision4Growth CIC (Countywide):  Awarded £3,976 to deliver an initiative aimed at raising awareness of disability hate crime. 

10. Crimestoppers UK (Countywide): Awarded £22,291 for an initiative to encourage the increased reporting of crime amongst three targeted vulnerable groups to limit the number of repeat offences in vulnerable communities. 

11. Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy (Watford): Awarded £2,603 to provide extension of the Street Angel scheme to identified areas of need.

Groups receiving victims’ fund grants (total value £7,200):
12. Herts Area Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Centre (Countywide): Awarded £7,200 for recruitment, training and retention of volunteer counsellors to enhance provision of victim services in Hertfordshire.