District Day focus on St Albans' charities, partnerships and policing
The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, David Lloyd, spent the day in and around St Albans on Thursday (30th July) getting to grips with the key policing issues of the district.

The Commissioner was in St Albans City and District for his latest ‘district day’ – a regular event where he focuses on the crime and community safety-related issues affecting each of the county’s 10 districts and boroughs.

He visited two organisations which have been recent recipients of his Commissioner’s Community Fund (CCF) – the Living Room and the St Albans Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB).

The Living Room promotes and provides access to quality treatment for those with addictions to drugs, alcohol and addictive behaviours, such as eating disorders and self-harming. It also supports their affected families, children and friends. Their new St Albans centre has benefited from a £5,350 CCF grant to go towards the costs of providing therapeutic work.

The CAB received £15,554 to develop an on-line safety initiative for elderly and vulnerable clients, jointly with Hertfordshire’s Trading Standards, to reduce scams and fraud.

Commissioner Lloyd said: “I am delighted to see in person the benefits of the funding I have been able to provide. The support of local organisations and charities, such as the Living Room and Citizens’ Advice Bureau, is absolutely vital to help people who may not now be victims of crime but who still need advice, guidance and practical help to ensure they do not become victims, or even perpetrators, of crime because of issues beyond their control.

“I am very much a believer in tackling crime before it happens and this is a central theme in my Police and Crime Plan.”

The Commissioner was briefed by the district’s police Chief Inspector Ken Townsend on the current policing, crime and community safety issues in the area. Later he met with James Blake, Chief Executive of St Albans City and District Council and Chair of the local Community Safety Partnership, and Cllr Beric Read, Portfolio Holder for Community Engagement and Localism.

Cllr Beric Read said: “The Council welcomes the good working relationships between the police, the local community and professional partners that are helping to make St Albans District one of the safest and most pleasant places to live.

After taking part in the official opening ceremony for the re-located St Albans Police Station, at the Civic Centre alongside the Council, the Commissioner met City Centre Manager Richard Marrett, from the St Albans City Centre Partnership (CCP). The CCP is a business-led partnership between the private and public sector creating a unified approach to tackle local issues, including economic and public safety matters.

Commissioner Lloyd then spent part of a shift with PCSO Alex Peduto in and around the village of Redbourn.

He was able to see the issues being tackled in the area including anti-social behaviour around the area of Hilltop, speeding (in Lybury Lane, Hemel Hempstead Road, Dunstable Road and Harpenden Lane) and fly-tipping.

He learned that the local police Safer Neighbourhood Team is tackling these local priorities in partnership with the District Council and parish council.

His last stop of the day was back at Police Headquarters in Welwyn Garden City to take part in a Specials Graduation ceremony.