PCC Welcomes Herts' HMIC report on protecting vulnerable people
Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has welcomed the national HMIC report of police effectiveness on helping vulnerable people and the specific comments on Hertfordshire Constabulary’s performance.
Commissioner Lloyd was referring to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary’s Police Effectiveness on Vulnerability report, published on15th December which says: 'Hertfordshire Constabulary is committed to protecting vulnerable people from harm – the force generally provides a good service to vulnerable victims, although there are areas for improvement.'
Mr Lloyd said: “ Focussing on victims and helping those who are most vulnerable is a key element of my Police and Crime Plan. I am pleased that the HMIC report recognises that the Constabulary has invested additional resource into the specialist services that support those who are vulnerable and keep them safe.  I was also pleased to note the HMIC noted specifically that they were impressed by the dedication and commitment of the Constabulary’s officers and staff to protecting vulnerable people.”
Mr Lloyd continued: “There is more work to be done, however, and the report helps by identifying where this can be carried out.  For example, whilst the report praises the work of a small specialist team working on missing children, it identifies that frontline officers could be more effective with such cases.  This report will help me ensure that the Chief Constable continues to improve services to vulnerable people.”
The HMIC report for Hertfordshire says:  
“We spoke to many police officers and staff in Hertfordshire during this inspection and were impressed by their dedication and commitment to protecting some of the most vulnerable members of their community, like children at risk of harm and victims of domestic abuse.
“Police officers attending domestic abuse incidents have a good knowledge of how to assess risk and keep victims safe. They understand the importance of listening to victims and take the right steps to protect them. It is noteworthy that the force generally investigates crime committed against the most vulnerable victims well. The force has also made a good start in ensuring it is well-prepared to tackle child sexual exploitation.
“On a less positive note, the force needs to improve its response to missing and absent children. Despite good work being undertaken by the small specialist team, frontline officers have a limited understanding of their responsibilities for missing children.”