PCC assures Victim Support remains a high funding priority in Herts
Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has welcomed the latest announcement for funding secured to victims services, in an annual statement from the Ministry of Justice.
Policing and Justice Minister Mike Penning announced the allocation of funds on Friday (22nd January) with Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner receiving secured funding of £1.364m for 2016/17. This is an increase of £94K over the previous year.

This recognises the good work put in place to support victims of crime, including the establishment of the Beacon Victim Care Centre and the increasing development of Restorative Justice.
Commissioner Lloyd said: “A fundamental part of my role as Police and Crime Commissioner is directly funding Victim Support services for Hertfordshire. Delivering locally tailored, effective services to the local area has been and will remain to be an on-going key area of work for my office in giving victims a voice, choice about services they receive and support for them to cope and recover. We have made significant progress to date, and this funding consolidates the next part of our journey.
“Keeping funding consistent in line with last year is a nod towards the consistent need for investment in victim services and outlines the aim to not only sustain but build on our existing progress to date.  When it comes to victims there is never too much we can do - funding and implementing services and initiatives, raising awareness - our work is far from done and this latest funding secures our next step forward.”
Currently the PCC is reviewing support to victims of Domestic Violence and Hate Crime with the aim to ensure that victims are fully supported through the Criminal Justice process. In addition, the Commissioner is examining ways in which self-referral is made easier so that all victims, irrespective if they have reported to the crime to police, can access the services they require.