New networking event celebrates employer support to Specials
Businesses big and small across Hertfordshire are being encouraged to show their support for a new campaign which works with employers to support local policing via Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Employer Supported Policing (ESP) scheme.
The campaign, a joint venture between Hertfordshire Constabulary and the Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd, encourages all business within the county to better understand the role of the Special Constabulary and the benefits of supporting a Special in their volunteer role.
ESP is a simple but powerful partnership which sees employers support their staff to train and patrol as Employer Supported Special Constables (volunteer police officers). Once trained, they carry out patrols in areas across Hertfordshire during some of their usual working hours and some of their own time.
In addition to having full police powers, Special Constables undertake regular training and gain unparalleled experience to enrich their wider skillset such as problem solving, communication and customer focus.
With Special Constables volunteering for at least 16 hours a month, Employer Supported Policing strives to bridge the gap between the ‘day job’ and volunteer time. Employers signing up to the scheme are able to work it to the needs of their individual business, from giving staff paid leave for training, duties and emergencies as well as  supporting and promoting the scheme both internally and to the wider community.
Special Constables already signed up to Employer Supported Policing will share their first-hand experience at a special event in March, which will celebrate the scheme’s successes to date and bring a hub of key figures and  local business together to discuss it’s potential county-wide.
Existing Supportive Employers will be acknowledged on the night with a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate from The Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd and Chief Constable of Hertfordshire Constabulary Andy Bliss. Bronze is given for those issuing a formal policy to implement Employer Supported Policing, Silver for those supporting active serving Special Constables in their workforce and Gold for those supporting a quantified level of ESP within their overall business. It is hoped sharing real-life accounts of Special Constables in the process will encourage more employers to make ESP a concrete part of working practice.
Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd said: “Special Constables are the most visible face of volunteering within the Constabulary and also within the criminal justice system. My Police and Crime Plan is committed to increasing the number of Special Constables and other volunteers and Employer Supported Policing is a great way to do so.

“Creating an environment which encourages staff to undertake this sort of crucial front line policing not only addition to but wholly supported by their employer not only makes good business sense but also plays a vital part in personal development which benefits both the business and the employee.”
Chief Constable Andy Bliss adds: “Every day in Hertfordshire our volunteer Special Constabulary makes a difference. Our Specials play a critical role in enhancing the Constabulary’s capacity, capability and resilience in tackling all types of crime in a variety of challenging situations. The individual skills and experiences each volunteer officer brings to the force is highly valued and Employer Supported Policing is one of the effective ways of accessing potential new Special Constable recruits.”
To find out more about Employer Supported Policing, please register your interest by emailing or calling 01707 806150.