New Road Safety Fund opens for bids
Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd’s new Road Safety Fund has opened for bids, meaning members of the public, community groups and other organisations can now apply for grants for schemes that promote road safety in Hertfordshire.
Over the last two years approximately £1.3million in surplus income has been generated, in part from motorists who have committed driving offences and attended educational diversionary courses (such as a speed awareness course) or who have been ordered to pay court costs following prosecution.
Commissioner Lloyd has strictly ring-fenced this income to create a pot of cash that can only be spent on new road safety projects or to support roads victims and their families in Hertfordshire. From today (Tuesday 9th February), the bidding process is now open and members of the public can go to the Commissioner’s website and find out how to apply for funding for a road safety scheme where they live.
Commissioner Lloyd said: “For the first time, members of the public will be able to see exactly where surplus money generated from speed enforcement in the county is spent. Not only is this transparent, but furthermore it enables individuals and groups to apply for funding for road safety initiatives where they live.
“Road safety and criminal and anti-social behaviour on our roads is a constant concern for people in the county. My new Road Safety Fund provides additional grant funding that complements and adds to existing road safety budgets in the county but that can also respond directly to issues where there is public concern.
“The Fund provides an opportunity to find new and innovative ways of tackling long-standing or emerging issues and gives local people a say in developing solutions where a need has been identified.”
It is anticipated that the scheme will support a range of projects including speed reduction and traffic calming initiatives, prevention and educational campaigns, local safety improvements and supporting victims.
The Fund will be administrated by a newly-appointed Road Safety Programme Manager who will manage the bidding process. Applications will be considered by Hertfordshire’s Road Safety Partnership, which includes representatives from Hertfordshire Constabulary, Highways Authority and Hertfordshire County Council, which will then make recommendations to the Commissioner for a final decision on successful bids.
There is currently no closing date for bids and applications will be assessed by the Partnership on a rolling basis.
Bids will be considered against a range of criteria including whether they:
  • have identified a local need and have support from another organisation, group or local councillor,
  • support a new activity that addresses a persistent problem or emerging issue,
  • are evidence based, or develop pilot work to establish an evidence base,
  • help change perceptions, attitudes or behaviour on the road,
  • support solutions that lead to social or environmental change, or
  • support preventative or early intervention road safety activity.
The Commissioner’s office will be working closely with the Partnership to make sure the fund is spent as effectively as possible.
Any bids that replicate existing spending will not be considered.
Commissioner Lloyd added: “Having offenders pay back to society for the wrong they have done is a key theme in my vision for policing in Hertfordshire. With the introduction of the Road Safety Fund, the public can now see how surplus money generated from speeding offences is being reinvested back into road safety, making the county safer for everyone.”
To find out more about the Road Safety Fund or to download an application form click here.