Police and Crime Panel supports Commissioner's plan for precept cuts
Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd has welcomed the approval of the Police and Crime Panel of his proposal to cut the police element of the Council Tax for Hertfordshire for 2016/17.
The proposal to reduce the police element of Council Tax comes on the back of the government’s recent Comprehensive Spending Review which confirmed a much more favourable position with police funding protected in real terms over the next four years.
At the Police and Crime Panel meeting last week, Commissioner Lloyd set out his plans to make a modest reduction in the police element of the precept outlining Hertfordshire Constabulary’s large reserves of approximately £48.3 million, savings made through collaboration, and an increase in Hertfordshire’s Council Tax base of approximately £178k. The panel heard how the overall gross budget for policing in Hertfordshire will rise from £193.8 million in 2015/16 to £199.3 million in 2016/17. 
The Commissioner discussed his plans to make significant investment in key areas of high demand to help increase capacity and capability in areas such as cyber-crime, safeguarding, domestic abuse and child sexual exploitation. Budgets across all areas of the Constabulary will see an increase, including Neighbourhood Policing. There will also be additional investment in key areas of concern to the public including fly-tipping, road safety and anti-social behaviour.
Commissioner Lloyd said, “I am delighted that the Police and Crime Panel support my proposals for a reduction in the amount of council tax charged for policing. In response to the new financial situation, and what the public told me through the consultation process, I will return a small proportion of it to the public by way of a reduction. The police precept for a Band D household will reduce by 0.55 per cent, to a figure of £147.00. This amounts to a reduction of 82p for a Band D household for the year 2016/17. This cut reflects my view that I only charge the public for policing what is required for that year.

“Through prudent financial management we are in a very strong position compared to many areas of the country. Even with a small reduction, we will still have a balanced budget, a high level of reserves and be able to make significant investment in emerging areas of crime over the coming years. Hertfordshire residents will continue to receive a first class policing service”.