PCC launches new Citizens' Crime Prevention Academy website
The public now have direct access to crime prevention information and advice at the click of a button thanks to a new Citizens’ Academy website launched by David Lloyd, Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire.

The website, www.hertscitizensacademy.org went live today –Wednesday, March 16th and offers free online access to a range of interactive tools to help people keep themselves and their property safe in a bid to fight crime.

The website enables people to click on a range of e-learning modules based around crime types- including Burglary and financial crime –and takes them to a page featuring case studies, YouTube clips from crime prevention officers, and links to other organisations on hand to provide support.The site will also include seasonal crime prevention advice and users can take a short quiz to test their knowledge on completion of each module.

Following success from pilot schemes running in in Broxbourne, Dacorum and Welwyn Hatfield, the Citizens’ Academy website brings crime prevention advice into everyone’s homes, making it accessible to people of all ages.

Commissioner Lloyd said: “I’m delighted to be launching a new Citizens’ Academy crime prevention website giving the public unlimited and free access to information and advice on policing and crime prevention issues, helping the public to keep themselves and their property safe. The website gives everyone the opportunity to take action and pay their part in preventing and reducing crime across the county”.
Chief Inspector Richard Hann from the Crime Reduction and Community Safety Department at Hertfordshire Constabulary said: “This innovative form of e-learning allows us to directly engage with people not only on the ‘basics’ of crime prevention in key areas such as the home, personal belongings and personal safety, but also keep an on-going narrative about the latest in crime prevention. Sharing targeted messages on seasonal risks and the latest in topical crime trends via this engaging site is yet another way Hertfordshire Constabulary are able to share information, educate users and spread awareness of key issues directly to those who need them.”
Citizens’ Academy will complement the existing detailed information available at https://www.herts.police.uk/advice/crime_prevention.aspx