Police and Crime Commissioner Welcomes Investigation to Combat Inappropriate Conduct in the Constabulary
Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, has welcomed a challenging operation that has been set up within the Hertfordshire Constabulary following the convictions of three police officers of predatory sexual grooming and misconduct offences.

Operation Downfield has been established to identify officers and staff who have committed criminal offences both on and off –duty. It also has a broader remit around training and vetting processes.

In response to the Operation, the Commissioner said; “When these criminal cases first became public I asked the Chief Constable to ensure that all possible lessons would be learned from them to enable us to make sure this sort of behaviour is prevented.  I am pleased to see that this is being done through Operation Downfield and I think its work should give the public confidence of the commitment of the Hertfordshire Constabulary to address these issues robustly.”

It is right that the Constabulary is proactive in its pursuit of these officers – there should be no hiding place for anyone who commits these crimes, or turns a blind eye to their actions. I will continue to oversee and scrutinise their investigations in this area and make sure they uphold the high standards the public, and I, expect.”
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