Protect your Business against Fraud and Cybercrime with the help of Citizens' Academy
Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, has launched two new online business modules on Citizens' Academy for business owners and their staff to help protect themselves and their employees against crime.

Citizens' Academy was set up by the PCC and offers free online access to a range of interactive tools to help people keep themselves, their property and their community safe.

Both new courses are free resources for businesses to bolster the basic awareness of their employees and have been put together in consultation with Hertfordshire’s Independent Business Advisory Group (IBAG) and with the expert input of Hertfordshire Constabulary crime prevention officers and cybercrime experts.

Each module has specific information which addresses the individual needs of business owners and their staff.

Cybercrime and fraud are currently two of the biggest concerns for businesses in the UK and the government estimates that the impact on the British economy is around £50 billion. Added to this, 70% of all fraud in Hertfordshire is committed against businesses and the financial and reputational implications can be huge.

The Citizens' Academy online course for business owners will help them to understand the strategic changes they can implement to help protect their organisations. It provides tools and advice on how to increase security and protect themselves against cybercrime - with information on data loss protection, mandate and dial through fraud and tips on how to enhance mobile phone and email security.

The separate ten minute course designed for business staff will help them to understand common threats, like phishing emails, password hacking, mandate fraud, and how to avoid them. 

Neville Reyner CBE DL, Chair of Hertfordshire’s Independent Business Advisory Group and Chairman of Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, said:  “Businesses need to do more to protect themselves, as only half of companies carry out fraud/cybercrime training for staff. It doesn’t matter how good your systems are, if staff click on a bad link or use weak passwords, cybercriminals will get in.”
The Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd added: “Cybercrime and fraud remain largely underreported by businesses and can cost them their data, profits and hard-earned reputations. These e-learning modules will help businesses to understand the importance of reporting these incidents to police should they become a victim. Along with their staff, businesses will gain specific tools that will help protect them from becoming victims of this type of crime.

I want to see Citizens’ Academy grow and develop further to ensure that every citizen of Hertfordshire can be armed with the knowledge they need to help protect themselves from crime.  Keeping safe is everybody’s business – where it is possible to deter a crime, we should all be playing our part. My Citizens’ Academy allows each and every person, who has access to the internet, the opportunity."

There are now eight courses available on Herts Citizens’ Academy. The site also gives residents the chance to take a range of online courses based on topics, including burglary, cybercrime and fraud, and rural crime. They feature case studies and YouTube clips from crime prevention officers. Learners can take a short quiz to test their knowledge on completion of each module and earn a certificate if they score highly.

The two new business modules are called Business Crime (Business Owners) and Business Crime (Staff).