Commissioner Protects Local Policing
A need to protect local neighbourhood policing has led the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, to propose a rise in the police section of the Council Tax bill for the first time in 6 years.

The increase – which is around £5 a year for the average household in Hertfordshire* – is necessary following new challenges to the police budget.

A collaborated IT programme which was due to deliver several million pounds worth of savings has been delayed and there was a reduction in Government grant of £1.5 million. Without an increase, savings will need to be found in local policing.

In an open letter to the residents of Hertfordshire, David Lloyd said policing was going to be protected: “Local policing lies at the heart of my Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan, and is the very bedrock of keeping Hertfordshire safe. It is something the public have consistently told me they value and wish to see preserved.”

“If the precept does not rise, the Chief Constable tells me he can only reach the required savings by reducing local policing teams.”

“This is the first time I’ve proposed an increase in the precept in my time as Police and Crime Commissioner, and I do not do so lightly. I’ve said I will never ask the public to pay any more for policing than is absolutely required – which is why there has been so much work done on improving the efficiency of the police service, and why I was able to make a modest reduction in last year’s tax level.”

Hertfordshire currently has the fourth lowest police tax in the country and as a result the Government assumes that this increase will be made when it calculates the support given in central funding.

The Commissioner would like to hear the views of residents who can contact the office on 01707 806 100 or emailing


*It equates to £5 per year for a Band D property – around 10p per week on top of the current levels of taxation for the police.

The figure of 6 years mentioned in the first sentence reflects the period of time where David Lloyd was chair of the Police Authority prior to election as PCC.

This proposal would come into effect from April 2017 and forms part of the whole Council Tax bill for Hertfordshire.

Click here for the link to the Open Letter.