Commissioner Welcomes Joint Approach to Emergency Break-Ins
The Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner has hailed a new agreement between the three emergency services in Hertfordshire

Ambulance, Fire and Police services will now work together on the forced-entry of properties in life-threatening situations.

Before now, when an ambulance could not gain access to a property the police were contacted.

Now, in a six month pilot, the fire service will respond to these situations as the agency supporting the ambulance service. In the last year, the police responded to 272 requests to gain entry to properties by the ambulance service.

The arrangement will improve the service of all parties, says the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, David Lloyd:

“The Fire and Rescue service are the experts at entering properties in an emergency. It makes sense for them to provide this valuable service and help free up police officers at the same time.”

“My new Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan is looking at way we can extend the level of cross-service working, and this is a wonderful example of something which will deliver a better service to Hertfordshire’s residents.”

Additional benefits include the fire staff being able to offer medical assistance, with fire crews trained in trauma medicine, so would be able to care for people whilst the ambulance arrived.

The pilot is due to start in the next couple of weeks after the operational chief officers of the three services signed the agreement.