Appeal for Survivors of So-Called 'Honour' Based Crimes
The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire has commissioned pioneering research into so-called ‘honour based violence’ in the county to improve services.

Over the next month, the University of Roehampton and University of Essex will conduct the study to better understand the experiences of victims and survivors.

People will be asked about their experience of reporting crimes like FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), forced marriage and other abuses to the police or their reasons for not deciding to do so.

Victims coming forward are assured that strict confidentiality will be provided and special arrangements for interviews and any language requirements can be made.

So-called 'honour based violence’ – or HBV – is a collection of crimes which may have been committed in the belief of protecting or defending a family or community’s honour.

David Lloyd, the PCC for Hertfordshire, says these are appalling crimes.

“I dislike the term because there is no ‘honour’ in this kind of violence and it should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Because of the type of abuse, it’s often very difficult to identify victims and survivors and we need people to come forward and give us their experiences so we can improve our service for others.”

The responses to the survey will inform the commissioning of services from the Hertfordshire victim’s centre Beacon and contribute to the domestic abuse action plan.

Aisha K. Gill, Research Project Lead and Professor of Criminology at the University of Roehampton said:

“Victims and survivors of ‘so called’ HBV, forced marriage and FGM suffer life-changing or life threatening effects and effective support is essential in managing the trauma.

Victims and survivors are not always aware and confident of the support available and this can prevent them from coming forward. I therefore welcome this opportunity to work with Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner to solve this problem”.

The research team would like to hear views from victims and survivors and they can be shared by contacting Professor Aisha K. Gill on email - - or by calling or texting 07825 972 263.

There are more details about the study here.

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