Commissioner's Budget Approved
The Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel has approved an increase to the police part of the council tax in order to protect local policing in the county.

The Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, proposed an increase equivalent to £5 a year for the average household* in order to keep local policing teams in place.

Lower than expected funding from government, an increase in costs relating to safeguarding vulnerable people and a delay to a collaborated IT project have led to the rise.

This is the first time the Commissioner has raised the police element of the council tax precept in his two terms of office.

Speaking after the meeting, David Lloyd said the small rise was necessary:

“I’ve always said I will not charge the residents of Hertfordshire a penny more than needed, and that remains the case.

Increased pressures on our teams combatting domestic abuse, the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults – combined with a drop in funding and delays to savings – mean we must make this difficult choice.

However, I’m pleased to say that local policing will receive the funding because time and again it is the thing residents tell me is most important to them.”

As part of the consultation, an open letter about the proposals was circulated to residents via the county’s OWL network, and interviews were held on local radio stations and in newspapers.

261 residents responded to the consultation, with 75% of those supporting the increase.

* The increase in council tax for each band property is as set out below:

  A B C D E F G H
Precept 2016/17 £    98.00  £  114.33  £  130.67  £  147.00  £  179.67  £  212.33  £  245.00  £  294.00
Proposed Precept 2017/18 £  101.33  £  118.22  £  135.11  £  152.00  £  185.78  £  219.56  £  253.33  £  304.00
Annual Increase £       3.33  £       3.89  £       4.44  £       5.00  £       6.11  £       7.23  £       8.33  £    10.00
Weekly Increase £       0.06  £       0.07  £       0.09  £       0.10  £       0.12  £       0.14  £       0.16  £       0.19
The original press release and open letter to residents can be found here.
The full report on the budget to the Police and Crime Panel can be found here.