Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan Passes Panel
The new Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan: Everybody’s Business 2017-2022, set out by the Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, has been formally approved by the Police and Crime Panel.  

It is a duty on all PCCs to produce a Police and Crime Plan, though in Hertfordshire the name has been changed to Community Safety and Criminal Justice plan. This reflects the new emphasis and direction the Commissioner wants to take in the next 5 years.

Commissioner David Lloyd said: “I welcome the positive response I have received to the new edition of my Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan.

This new plan sets out the strategic direction for community safety and criminal justice across Hertfordshire and will be used by the Chief Constable, Charlie Hall, to help develop an Operational Policing Plan which will set out how he, along with many other partners, including our community safety partnerships, will deliver on the priorities set out in this plan.”

The Commissioner is required to consult with the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel on his strategies for policing, as well as the precept (the money collected from council tax for policing) and certain key appointments.

This follows 6 weeks of public consultation, where the plan was circulated to key stakeholders and partners for their views. This included the police, local authorities, health services, criminal justice agencies, the private and public sectors.

In total 1,100 residents and stakeholders responded to the consultation and detailed responses were received from all district and borough councils.
The new plan will be published and made available for the public to view on the Commissioner’s website from mid-February.

You can view the agenda to the panel, and the plan here: