No Hiding Place for those Caught Fly-Tipping
The Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd has sent out a clear message to fly - tippers:  time is running out and they will be caught.

In the period from April 2016 to January 2017, thirty-two cases of fly-tipping offences were successfully prosecuted by Hertfordshire’s Boroughs and Districts. Although the primary responsibility for dealing with fly-tipping lies with local authorities, the PCC has committed extra funding to tackle the issue in response to public concerns raised with him.

The Commissioner has set up a ‘Partnership fund’ to deal with issues such as fly-tipping, fly-grazing and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), which will work on a matched funding basis. He has committed £400, 000 to the fund over the next four years.

Of this sum, £80,000 was awarded by the Commissioner this year to the Herts Fly Tipping Group (HFG), part of the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership (HWP) to go towards 8 bids which were received by his office.

The Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd said: “Fly-tipping in Hertfordshire is a serious problem and I am determined that we stop this blight. There are a number of investigations going on and I put it to those that commit these offences that time is running out for them.

I have provided a grant of more than £80,000 to help local authorities tackle fly-tipping across the county. This grant will be used to cover a wide spectrum of initiatives, including the purchase of new cameras for deployment at fly tipping hotspots across the county.

I am also investigating using funds generated from the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) (the money confiscated from criminals)  as way of compensating landowners who have been left with a hefty clearing-up bill.”

Projects began in December 2016 and all schemes have to be implemented by March 31st, this year. A summary report will then be presented to the Herts Waste Partnership members and the PCC in April.

Councils that were successful in having their bids approved were: Broxbourne, East Herts, North Herts, Hertsmere / St Albans, Three Rivers and Welwyn Hatfield.

Head of Crime Reduction & Community Safety, Superintendent Dean Patient, said: “The ROST (Rural Operational Support Team) provide a county wide specialised role, working with the rural communities who are often, although, not exclusively blighted with this crime.

We are seeking to work with the waste partnership to collate information and intelligence about evolving trends and the best way to both deter such offences and catch those responsible.”

Cllr Richard Thake, Chairman of Hertfordshire Waste Partnership, said: “The waste partnership under the auspices of the Herts Fly Tipping Group is pleased to be working with the Police and Crime Commissioner on this important initiative.

Fly tipping costs Hertfordshire’s residents and businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds each year. This is money that could be better spent on other more vital services. To this end we note that a number of the Boroughs and Districts are implementing new information campaigns to highlight the Duty of Care responsibilities we all have when engaging with local contractors to remove waste we wish to dispose of.

It’s vitally important that residents and businesses carry out the necessary checks to ensure contractors are properly licensed. Failure to do so could see people unwittingly end up in court being prosecuted for fly tipping.”