HMIC Inspector Welcomes Improvements
David Lloyd, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, has welcomed the annual assessment by the government’s police regulator.

HMIC* has published its yearly report for the Constabulary which shows an overall satisfaction with the force’s performance and an acknowledgement that improvements are being made.

In February the force was rated as requiring improvement in the Effectiveness strand of the HMIC’s inspection programme.

However the government inspector Zoë Billingham has said the force acted swiftly in response to their inspections to rectify those problems.

A follow-up inspection report on the Effectiveness ‘pillar’ is due later this year.

PCC David Lloyd said: “I use HMIC inspections to help me hold the Constabulary to account on their operational processes and I welcome this update.”

“Whilst some areas of improvement were identified in previous inspections, the Inspector has told me she was pleased by the Constabulary’s response in dealing with the issues.  As a result I expect the re-inspection to show that Hertfordshire’s performance has returned to its normal high standard.”

“I’m glad too that a lot of positive areas of the inspection, including our force’s approach to serious and organised crime, child sexual exploitation and the way finances are managed, were praised by the Inspector.”

The Commissioner will continue to monitor the concerns raised in HMIC’s reports and meets weekly with the Chief Constable Charlie Hall to hold him to account.

Link to the report.

HMIC – Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary.