Cyber Crime Prevention Officer Funded by PCC
A Cyber Crime and Business Scams Prevention Officer and an operation to prevent vulnerable people from becoming victims of crime are some of the most recent recipients of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Community Safety Fund.

The Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, has allocated £783,393 from his annual budget to for the Community Safety Fund, supporting the work of partners across Hertfordshire who help to keep communities safe.
This year the Commissioner asked partners from Community Safety Partnerships, the County Community Safety Unit, Hertfordshire County Council and other organisations, that provide crime reduction and intervention services for children and young people to apply to the grant.

The main criteria for the bids is to ensure that the funding provided fits with the aims of the Commissioner’s new Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan, which sets out the strategy for protecting Hertfordshire.

The Commissioner David Lloyd said: “In delivering against my new Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan, I want these grants to contribute towards reducing crime and making sure that Hertfordshire is a safer place to live.”

“These grants will ensure their activities focus on the needs of the public - particularly victims of crime, ensuring that offenders make amends and pay back for the cost of crime.”

A table of all the Community Safety Grant recipients for 2017/18 can be found here:

A number of conditions are attached to the grants, which help the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to oversee how the money is being spent on behalf of local communities and to ensure that there is transparency and accountability. 

Full annual reports will be requested to provide information on progress and evidence of effectiveness.

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) provides a Community Safety Grant [1] for Hertfordshire. This has historically been divided between the ten district councils and departments within Hertfordshire County Council.

In 2017/18 the practice switched to a bid based process to encourage Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) to focus on their main priorities and demonstrate evidence of need; providing the transparency required by the PCC in relation to auditing of accounts.

All approved grants will be delivered and monitored by the relevant organisation. CSPs will be held to account by the OPCC through each district’s RAG meetings and through the reporting requirements stipulated in the terms and conditions of grant.

[1] In Hertfordshire the Community Safety Fund is called the Community Safety Grant.