Firearms Officer Numbers To Increase
The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire has welcomed the announcement that the force has met its target of increasing firearms capacity across the county.

Following directions from the Home Office last year, it was agreed that the number of officers trained in the use of firearms would increase by 50%.

This has now been done and the officers are available for operational use.

David Lloyd, the PCC for Hertfordshire, said this would be of reassurance to people in the county.

“The increase in officers who can use firearms is welcome and the recent incidents in London and Manchester are a reminder that our force must be prepared for anything.

The intelligence we have does not suggest the county is at any greater threat of an incident than anywhere else.

Having more officers available to use firearms will only help in our response to the general threat level.

I’ve seen robust planning by the Constabulary covering a range of situations, and the public should be confident their emergency services are capable and well-trained.”

For more information about the increase in firearms officers, please read the Constabulary’s press release.