PCC meets Victims' Commissioner
The Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd recently met Baroness Newlove, Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales, to discuss ways in which to better support victims of crime.

The Victims’ Commissioner visited Hertfordshire as part of her commitment to visit every Police and Crime Commissioner, to see how each area is delivering victim services and addressing the needs and requirements of the victims in their region.

During this visit the Commissioner and Baroness Newlove discussed how the criminal justice system could do more to support people through what for some can be a daunting and traumatic experience.

Baroness Newlove expressed interest in a new initiative where vulnerable victims are appointed their own case managers to support them in the aftermath of a crime. Unique to Hertfordshire, the vulnerable victim case managers are already demonstrating the benefits of this new approach.

Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd said: “I was delighted to welcome Baroness Newlove to Hertfordshire and demonstrate the steps we are taking to help support victims of crime here.

Putting victims at the centre is a key facet of my Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan and this meeting gave us an opportunity to highlight the progress we have made from the creation of Beacon, the Hertfordshire Victim Care Centre to the implementation of case managers to address the needs of vulnerable victims.”

The Victims’ Commissioner spent time with a focus group, made up of victims of crime from Hertfordshire and also learned about plans to develop services for victims of so-called ‘Honour’ Based Abuse (HBA), which will address their specific needs from next year.
Baroness Newlove said: “I was pleased to learn about the vulnerable victim case manager service that they have recently put in place and look forward to seeing how that expands. 

I am also very keen to see how the Police and Crime Commissioner develops its service for victims of so-called honour based abuse and violence following the study commissioned and undertaken by  the University of Roehampton and the University of Essex. The study has highlighted a few further issues for the Police and Crime Commissioner to consider and take forward, and I will follow the developments as they take place.”

Kevin McGetrick, Head of Victims’ Commissioning commented: “The visit afforded the opportunity to highlight some innovative work to better support vulnerable and intimidated victims and our plans for the future. I am especially pleased that Baroness Newlove offered her help and support for our vulnerable victim case workers as we seek to develop the service.”

If you’ve been impacted by crime, Beacon – the Hertfordshire Victim Care Centre is available to offer support to anyone who has been a victim of crime in Hertfordshire, regardless of whether you have reported the incident to the police.  You can contact the centre via the website, www.hertfordshirebeacon.org or by calling 03000 11 55 55.
If you’ve been a victim of crime and you’re interested in taking part in future focus groups, please email: contact@victimsvoice-herts.info. You can also complete the Victims’ Voice Consultation survey to share your experiences, available at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/HGTD9WB