Commissioner Welcomes 15% Fly Tipping Reduction in Hertfordshire
The Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, has welcomed news of a reduction in the number of fly tipping incidents being reported in Hertfordshire.

He said: “Fly tipping is a disgusting activity and it’s something people have consistently told me they want to see tackled more strongly.  Whilst enforcement is primarily the responsibility of local authorities I have encouraged the police to work more closely with them and other partners to deal with this scourge.”

In 2016 the PCC set up a £400,000 fund to support partnership schemes around fly tipping and other problems. Over £80,000 of the fund has so far been spent in funding anti fly tipping initiatives including the purchase of new cameras for deployment at fly tipping hotspots across the county.

David Lloyd said of the fund: “It is pleasing to see that partners are making significant improvements in joint working and are taking advantage of the new fund.”

“I hope that this has been a factor in contributing to the fall in fly tipping incidents in the past year but we also need to recognise that this remains a very serious problem and there is still a lot of work to be done. That is why I have agreed to continue to provide more funds.”

A film that shows the crushing of the vehicle has been put together by the Hertfordshire Fly Tipping Group (FTG) - a multiagency task force made up of Hertfordshire’s local authorities*.

Hertfordshire’s PCC David Lloyd said: “The message is that if you think you can make a business out of fly tipping in Hertfordshire you need to think again.  Fines have not always proved a sufficient deterrent in the past but destroying these vehicles makes sure they won’t be used for fly tipping again.”

“The public and local businesses have a duty of care to ensure that their waste is disposed of responsibly and failure to do so could result in a fine of up to £50,000 and / or imprisonment.”

“It’s important that residents and businesses carry out the necessary checks to ensure that any waste collection contractors they engage are properly licensed so they don’t end up in court being prosecuted for fly tipping.”

Chief Constable, Charlie Hall said: “Fly tipping is socially unacceptable and a crime. This video shows that, working with our local authority partners, we will investigate and prosecute offenders who also risk having their vehicles seized and crushed.”

Chairman of the FTG and Partnership Development Manager for the Herts Waste Partnership, Duncan Jones, added: “The best defence against fly tipping is ensuring that only authorised waste carriers take your waste away.”

“We all have a legal obligation to ensure that waste from our household or business is disposed of correctly.” 

The public are also reminded that if they see fly tipping in progress – they should call 999 immediately, as well as reporting the incident to your local council.


* The Hertfordshire Fly Tipping Group includes: Hertfordshire Constabulary, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, The National Farmers’ Union and the Environment Agency. The FTG is part of the wider Hertfordshire Waste Partnership.