PCC calls on Herts Employers to support Specials Recruitment Drive
The Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, has called on local businesses and other employers in Hertfordshire to support Special Constables by joining up to Employer Supported Policing (ESP) to help bring vital skills in to the policing and community safety arena.
A new marketing campaign has been launched to recruit more Specials into the Hertfordshire Constabulary.

Special Constables have full police powers, uniform and protective equipment and work alongside the regular force. They play a vital role in helping keep communities safe and can get involved in a range of policing activities.

David Lloyd said: “In my Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan for Hertfordshire, I outline my aim for more people, like the Special Constables, to get involved and play their part in helping to keep crime low in the county.”

“The ESP scheme is a brilliant way of bringing trained and experienced professionals into the Constabulary. There are over 60,000 businesses in Hertfordshire who have talented employees whose skills would benefit and enhance key areas in policing. In return we can guarantee employers that their staff will take unique and transferable benefits back to Hertfordshire’s organisations.”

The Commissioner is inviting Herts employers to an Employer Supported Policing information evening taking place at Constabulary Headquarters in Welwyn Garden City on Wednesday, September 27th.

Ex BBC Newsnight reporter and former YouGov President, Peter Kellner, the Chair of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, will be presenting as well as the Commissioner and Chief Constable, Charlie Hall.

There are 25 organisations signed up to the ESP scheme in Hertfordshire including but not limited to Tesco, Which?, Mc Mullen Brewery and Sons and District and Borough Councils.

Currently, there are opportunities for Special Constables to work in diverse duties which range from working in the Child Sexual Exploitation Unit, the Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit and Prisoner Handling Teams.

Officers with ICT skills can also work alongside Cyber Crime teams to deliver online safeguarding and crime prevention advice.

Detective Superintendent Dean Patient who leads the Crime Reduction and Community Safety Unit said: “We are committed to increasing our numbers of Special Constables which is why we’re encouraging people to consider the role and ultimately join us. All we ask is that they can dedicate at least 16 hours per month.

“It’s not only the Constabulary and the communities in Hertfordshire that benefit - our Special Constables tell us that their own personal skills have developed. It’s such an interesting and unique role and I’d encourage anyone interested in the role to apply.”

The new marketing campaign will see digital and radio advertising across the county for a six week period. For more information on joining the Employer Supported Policing Scheme (ESP) or becoming a Special Constable visit www.hertspolicespecials.co.uk. You can also get in touch with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner - ESP@herts.pcc.pnn.gov.uk or 01707 - 806150.