Special Constable Cyber Team Shows Extra-Ordinary Commitment
Special Constables from Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Cyber Crime Unit who helped the NHS during this summer’s cyber-attack have been recognised in ceremony celebrating their work.

The officers lent their skills and support to the Lister Hospital in Stevenage, where systems across the hospital were severely compromised.
Their work was praised by the Chief Constable and the CEO of the East and North Hertfordshire Trust, Nick Carver

Mr Carver said: “The input you made meant patients were not as adversely affected by the cyber-attack in Hertfordshire.”

Their award was part of a dedicated Employer Supported Policing (ESP) event at Police Headquarters, where businesses, dignitaries, Hertfordshire Special Constables and guest speakers joined the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable to celebrate voluntary officers.

The Commissioner, David Lloyd, called on employers in Hertfordshire to support Special Constables by joining up to the ESP scheme – a national and local initiative that helps businesses forge closer links with their local policing teams,  to bring vital skills in to the policing and community safety arena.

David Lloyd said: “In my Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan I said I wanted to see more businesses playing their part in supporting employees to become Special Constables.

The ESP scheme is a brilliant way of bringing trained and experienced professionals into the Constabulary. There are over 60,000 businesses in Hertfordshire who have talented employees whose skills would benefit and enhance key areas in policing.

It is also a powerful and innovative way in which your organisation can undertake this truly unique form of corporate social responsibility, proactively working with the police to assist our local communities.”

Guest speaker, Peter Kellner, Chair of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and former president of the polling organisation YouGov,  praised the scheme and said: “I haven't yet met a single employer signed up to ESP who isn't benefitting from doing so. Any employers thinking of doing it will not regret it.”

“I want NCVO to play a role in expanding volunteering and develop a national policy on this. I don't believe we have a handle on how to measure the positive contribution volunteering makes to society.”

Chief Constable, Charlie Hall spoke about the role of citizens in policing and the volunteering opportunities available for people with Hertfordshire Constabulary. He said: “We are focused on protecting vulnerable people and need to adapt our workforce to help investigate such crimes –volunteers with the different skills we require can help.

We want to continue the conversation with you and your organisations to see how we can work to encourage your staff to give up their time to come and help us.  The value we give back to you will help your staff, your businesses and society as a result.” 

There are currently 25 organisations signed up to the ESP scheme in Hertfordshire, including but not limited to Tesco, Which?, Mc Mullen Brewery and Sons and District and Borough Councils.

For more information on joining the Employer Supported Policing Scheme (ESP) or becoming a Special Constable visit www.hertspolicespecials.co.uk.