Become an ICV
Members of the public are being invited to join the teams who visit Hertfordshire’s police custody suites.

Independent volunteer inspectors can go and visit the cells and the custody unit to speak to detainees and make sure they’re being looked after.

The scheme, run by the Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, helps to ensure that custody is run professionally and within the guidelines.
Applications for this round of ICVs are open until the end of December.

The PCC said this was a great opportunity to volunteer in one of the most challenging areas of policing.

“Independent Custody Visitors perform a vital role in helping to hold the Constabulary to account and to make sure vulnerable people are looked after properly.

“I’m proud of the work of our custody officers, who work in sometimes very challenging situations and whenever I’ve visited our suites I’ve seen highly professional officers performing their duties.

“ICVs make sure we’re getting it right, and I’m pleased we’re able to increase our number of visitors.”

The ICVs receive special training to monitor the well-being of detainees in custody suites and can visit any time, day and night, across the two custody suites at Stevenage and Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

Chief Superintendent Nathan Briant, the head of Criminal Justice and Custody at Hertfordshire Constabulary said:

“ICVs are an important link between the Police and the public – they broker a relationship which we can’t always do.

“Custody visits are not just about scrutiny – detainees may welcome an independent face for a chat.”
You can apply to be an ICV here and see a film about the work of ICVs on the PCC’s YouTube channel.