Hertfordshire Spends More on Police Front Line
A report published this week by the independent police inspector shows Hertfordshire Constabulary spends more on frontline policing than similar forces.

Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services Value for Money report showed more is spent on police officers, staff and PCSOs than in similar forces, despite receiving less money from central government.

The study also found demand is higher, including 999 call and emergency and priority incidents, though there are fewer victims of crime than other comparable forces.

Police and Crime for Hertfordshire, David Lloyd said:

“The report recognises that in Hertfordshire more is spent on local policing than the average, which underpins the way we police the county as set out in my Police and Crime Plan.”

“It highlights how I have maintained the frontline of policing in the face of a challenging financial situation and a rise in the demand facing our officers.

“Hertfordshire remains a safe county and whilst we have seen more people reporting crime, the Crime Survey of England and Wales has shown an overall decline.

The PCC has given evidence this week to the Home Affairs Select Committee, setting out how he believes more flexibility should be given to Police and Crime Commissioners to set their own budget.

“This report shows policing in Hertfordshire already represents good value for money. I believe the ability to raise a little more in the council tax precept – even as low as £1 a week – would give us the potential to revolutionise policing in the county.”

You can read the report at the HMICFRS website.