PCC Concerned Inspectors Report Misses Point
The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire has expressed his disappointment at the independent police inspectors for “misleading” the public.

Whilst the Crime Data Integrity report from Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services, shows significant improvement from the last inspection in 2014, it claims the police still need to improve the way crime is recorded.

David Lloyd, Hertfordshire’s PCC said:

“I’m concerned that HMIC are using sensationalist figures to mislead the public into thinking Hertfordshire Constabulary is not supporting victims of crime.

“This misses the point about ensuring all victims of crime are protected and supported, not whether the technical process of whether a crime has been recorded to the level set by the inspector.

“I’m confident that safeguarding measures were put in place, but HMIC seem to feel that the story is about more about their inspections and not the true picture of the service offered to victims of crime in Hertfordshire.

“I strongly disagree with this approach and am concerned that vulnerable victims may be put off from reporting crime if this report goes unchallenged.”