PCC invests in Community Safety Projects for 2018/19
Almost  £900,000 is being invested by Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, into community safety projects across the county. The funding supports the work of partners across Hertfordshire who help to keep communities safe.

This year the Commissioner is supporting projects targeting violent crime, providing support for victims of domestic abuse and those with mental health needs.

David Lloyd has also committed over a quarter of a million pounds to a project in Broxbourne to help  schools prevent young people being drawn into violent gang activity and knife crime.

The Police and Crime Commissioner said:

“Community Safety is at the very core of my policing strategy and this grant will support the work of local partners to address public safety priorities in Hertfordshire.

“While Hertfordshire remains a low crime area, we are seeing a rise in demand on our police service. Crime is changing and there are areas that require additional resources to ensure the right service is delivered to support victims and reduce pressure on frontline services.  

“I have provided more funding towards projects that will help tackle the recent growth in violent crime and provide early intervention to help prevent vulnerable young people from getting caught up in criminal activity. Funding will also help support victims of domestic abuse and programmes that will help to raise awareness around the risk of child sexual exploitation.”

The main criteria for the bids is to ensure that the funding provided fits with the aims of the Commissioner’s new Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan, which sets out the strategy for protecting Hertfordshire.

Partners from Community Safety Partnerships, the County Community Safety Unit, Hertfordshire County Council and other organisations, that provide crime reduction and intervention services for children and young people applied to the grant.

A table of all the Community Safety Grant recipients for 2018/19 can be found here: http://www.hertscommissioner.org/community-safety-grants-allocation-2018-19