See Justice in Action
The Hertfordshire Criminal Justice Board is to hold its first board meeting in public, allowing the people of Hertfordshire to meet and put questions to those who run the local justice system.

The Board is made up of key agencies and individuals within the local Hertfordshire criminal justice system, including the Police and Crime Commissioner, Chief Constable, Courts and Crown Prosecutors.

At a special meeting in St Albans on Monday, 9th July, they will be discussing how victims experience the criminal justice system and how to improve their journey.

The special guest speaker is Dame Vera Baird QC, former Solicitor General and Labour MP. Dame Vera is currently the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria and focuses on victims of crime in her national role.

David Lloyd, the PCC for Hertfordshire and Chair of the Board said:

“This is a great opportunity to understand what this Board does and to influence the criminal justice system in Hertfordshire.

“Justice is about accountability and transparency, so holding this meeting in public for the first time is a very important step in improving the public’s access to the decision makers in the county.”

Dame Vera Baird QC said:

“It is important that victims remain at the heart of the Criminal Justice System.  As Northumbria’s PCC, I am committed to working closely with the local courts, probation services, youth offending teams, prisons and the Crown Prosecution Service.

“This event will ensure that those who have the power to influence how the criminal justice works, will strive to do so, by finding out what works well and what could be done better.  I was delighted to accept David’s invitation to this important meeting”

Refreshments will be provided from 1200 and please book your free ticket to the meeting.

Please visit for more details about the Board's work.

If you want to ask a question to the Board, please submit it by email to by the 2nd July 2018.